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Morals and Morality: Can I believe in relativism and still believe that God is absolutely true?

Thanks for A2A. I am a strawman in philosophy to be honest, but I will give my own view. First, you have to say what do you mean by God. There are many conceptions of God. Which one do you

Would you vote for a Christian?

The nationwide answer is clearly Yes, more than any other adjective. It actually seems like the opposition should break it down by denomination. (The question of

Hypothetical Battles: If every nation in the world allied and attempted to invade and conquer the United States, would they succeed?

My personal opinion is that the world would not be able to succeed, as the United States has a significant geographical advantage and a massive technological advantage. Let's consider the four main areas of warfare...SPACE: One of the key areas in starting any attack is recon. Space will be

Who are some important people in Hinduism? What makes them important?

Important people in Hinduism include:Great sages of Vedic age, like Vasishta, Sakthi, Parasara, Vyasa, Sukhadeva, Valmiki, Dhurvasa, Viswamithra, Agasthya, etc. for creation of the Vedas.Adi Shankaracharya (for Advaita philosophy) and His disciplesRamanuja (for Visishtadvaita philosophy) and His disciplesMadhvacharya (for Dvaita philosophy) and His disciples Category:Madhva religious leaders12 Azhvars and 63 Nayanmars of Tamil Nadu (Azhvars sung

What do dreams mean?

One of the most enigmatic quality of our species is that we dream, not only in philosophical sense of 'dream to succeed' but also in literal sense of dreams which we see while sleeping. Why dreams are special? What makes them

On which side, left or right, should one sleep in? Which phase of sleeping (at night) is the best practice?

As a practice one should sleep on back. Sleeping on one side need pillow of slightly well stuff pillow otherwise person may suffer neckache. Secondly, if your stomach is full lying right side down will be uncomfortable. If stomach is not empty then laying left side down is OK because if you sleep

Would anyone believe that someday science will prove that spiritual beliefs are true?

Science can only test the testable. This is of course the ‘success' of religion. They can make as many untestable assertions as they want and nobody can prove them wrong.However, there are some claims which can be tested, for example when believers make

What is the most Star Trek obsessive thing ever?

What is the most Star Trek obsessive thing ever?Star Trek fans are know for their devotion to the shows and their characters. It's not uncommon for the highly devoted to attend convention, collect memorabilia, participate in cosplay and other such activities. Some

What would we do if we found extraterrestrial life?

It really depends on who makes the discovery (or who was in charge).Scientists would obviously chose to study them.Military would prepare the worst case scenario (i.e. the possibility of needing to fight - which would thus include plans to wipe them out).Slavery isn't likely a choice, but Businessmen would obviously be focused upon whether

Is that possible that time travel paradoxes can occur if we travel only forward in time?

Well time travel is not possible for a starter.The theoretical paradoxes assumably only happen by going to the past to change the future. Which as a consequence the change in the future will not allow for you to do what you would have done, if you did go to the past.

What would happen if all the police cars suddenly disappeared?

I cannot speak for anywhere else, but that seems to be the case here in South Wales.I see an occasional police vehicle

Who would win, the U.S. military (Fallout - preWar) or the U.S. military (real life - modern)?

The U.S Military (Fallout) Is Transported to Modern Day Las Vegas Nevada in a Freak Accident involving a experimental Fusion Warp Drive (FWD) Developed for Long distance space travel. The Personnel and items transported are as follows :1 Liberty Prime with Upgraded Power Supply armed with 15 Throw-able HE Explosives shaped like Fat man bombs and a Laser Salvo

Does the US want to start a war against Russia?

To what end? The money spent, and the losses suffered in Iraq and Afghanistan would pale in comparison to such an undertaking. In addition, the resistance we encountered after the wars in the middle east are nothing compared to what  we would meet from the Russians. Add this to the probability of nuclear arms coming into

Is it safer to buy cloned mobile phones as it looks like original phones?

Never buy a clone , it is a waste of money.Companies making clones targeta people who don't wanna buy a 1000$ smartphone but would like a look alike , these smartphones are listed with same specs such as the orignal. But they have cheap hardware poor after sales support & poor performance

What is the most compelling research aimed at discovering extraterrestrial life?

SETI but they're already here and the government knows it since Eisenhower. As to some scientists on this website with their test tube answers, our technology is only a few hundred years old. Our evolution maybe 50,000 years old. So give a smartphone to Copernicus he's not going to know what it

How to help my students read better

You can organise quizzes for them based on what they have read and score them on it.The idea of quiz is to challenge students and stimulate reading.You could give them assignments by telling them to visit the libraries and organise online educative forums based on the course where every student contributes to the subject of web-based

Why do many scientists not believe in God?

Why should they? It seems very weird indeed to postulate the existence of an entity that (a) has no logical reason to exist; (b) whose existence is supported by evidence no more robust than our human tendency to see patterns in randomness; and (c) whose only conceivable reason for existence is our human psychological need,