Asking for What Your Want

Do you ever have a cry just to feel better?

Quite frequently so yes! ^.^I just want to share something random but I've been binge-watching this adorable yet action / adventure anime on Netflix (Fairy Tail) and have been glued into getting to know what the animation is about whenever I'm feeling dull. Not only this show is comedy-based and more for teens

What is the biggest cultural mistake you've made when travelling abroad?

Tbh I haven't been anywhere that exotic, however in most of Europe, when visiting someone's house you take your shoes off and leave them near the door. Some people have "guest slippers" which are like large woolly socks that they give you. In the Uk we are far less into this. Some people do, some don't, but most wouldn't

Why did India not have a Reconquista like Spain did?

It did, when the Maratha Confederacy managed to conquer from South India to Punjab. The Marathas were generally much more tolerant than the Christian Spanish crusaders, but their conquest led to a resurgence of Hinduism, and they built many temples and shrines along the way. Shivaji, the founder of the empire, wrote a letter to the Mughal emperor

What are the interesting culture shocks that you have experienced visiting different countries?

Here's a short list of memorable culture shocks:India: the bobblehead. Nepal: being airborne in my seat once every 10 minutes on an overnight bus ride from Karkarvitta to Kathmandu. Jamaica: the poverty. Mostly jarring because it's in such close proximity to the U.S. Plus,

Is Australia really the 'better' United States?

This is a silly question and I am growing tired of all the drama coming from it in the comments section.Lots of bearded Brunswick and Fitzroy hipsters are basically saying:‘Yes!'‘No. Australia is so much better that they aren't even comparable.'...and then angry American teens are going on ranting

What is the most unlikely location you've ever found a snake?

In my Weimaraner sleeping crate. It was a friends pet python,that used the sleeping dog as heated resting place.

Has anyone seen a genuine UFO? What was it like?

Regarding Genuine UFO, here's part of my answer to another question, before I answer the spirit of your question:U.F.O. Unidentified Flying Object. Period. If you see it in the sky, unless its falling and you can identify it, then it's a UFO. A UFO is NOT a Flying Saucer or an

Why are South African white cricket players leaving South Africa?

We would be generalising with answers but here are some likely reasons:Safety concerns given the high crime rate in South AfricaBetter education prospects for their childrenA large county cricket scene in the UK = a lot of opportunity to get a permanent place in a teamGood salaries, in a (typically) strong currencyBetter prospects to play for

What surprised you most when visiting Manama?

It surprised me that the people are so warm to the immigrants and the culture.The International racing circuit was the other. My husband took me to drive in the circuit. The asphalt is steaming hot during the day, But had a thrilling speed drive in the circuit.Then there is City Centre Bahrain,

What is the average time a human survives without water?

The number of 3 applies in general with average humans. 3 minutes without air, 3 days without water, and 3 weeks without food. Naturally this ratio changes when a person is doing very strenuous activity, or is larger, smaller, or more/less in shape.

Why are there not many hybrid/electrical cars in Australia?

Hybrid / electrical cars cost more to purchase.The registration of a Hybrid / electrical car attracts a discounted Car Registration in some states in Australia.  In Victoria it is $100.00 discount.Hybrid cars are seen to be slower and not good in rough road conditions.Australians like big cars with power to take on our wild country.

How to let go of perfection

Learn that imperfection is perfection

Can you build a house from styrofoam?

Only Styrofoam? No. You can't. Not without some considerable engineering of the material, and even then with a great number of limitations. I can imagine a couple of possible, highly theoretical, methods of doing so, but none of them are currently

How have your views of life changed since you were younger?

How have your views of life changed since you were younger?Well I'd say I'm defninitely a quite but more pessimistic.I actually didn't really think about life all too much when I was a bit younger. No time for that. I was too busy playing and having fun, watching Tom

What do you like best about Moscow, Russia?

Energy and dynamism, crowds of beautiful young people in summer, summer weather, theatres, sports and events in which you can participate, electronic/internet services, metro, easy airline access to all European & Russian cities, parks, restaurants and historical outskirts.

How to draw anime eyes that suit my anime character

For starters, consider their personality. Are they an innocent, naive character. or a badass action-hero type? Generally, the more innocent or

What is the most disappointing meal you've ever had?

Ahh my love for food shall never die, and my stories about food shall never end. Now my most disappointing meal I ever had was when I was ten years old in elementary school. My sisters had be designated by

Why has Inhumans been cancelled?

Word behind the scenes is that Kevin Feige never wanted to do an Inhumans movie, that it was more a mandate by Marvel Entertainment CEO Ike Perlmutter, who he reported to at the time, as a stand-in for not having the rights to do X-Men movies. Not too long ago, there was some internal conflict between Feige and