A classmate is being treated inappropriately by my teacher. What can I do about it?

First of all, as a former teacher, I like the way you worded your question.  Now I am going to admit that this is a difficult situation you are witnessing.  I understand why you can not give more details, and I will give you my answer with very little information about what is actually taking place.
Before you mention this to anyone, ask your classmate to meet you after school.  Perhaps you could just go for a walk and you can tell her that you are wondering  if he/she believes the  teacher is  acting inappropriately.  If your classmate is unwilling to share any information, then you need to make a decision about how much you want to reveal.  You could ask a few specific questions about the teacher's actions and your reaction.  For example, you could say, "When the teacher did or said...I was embarrassed.  Did you feel the same way?"
If your classmate does admit that the teacher's remarks and/or actions are inappropriate, then you might suggest that your classmate tell his/her parents.  Let them decide if they want to take some steps such as meeting with the teacher first or even the principal.  What makes this hard is that it is a "he said, she said" situation.  It is going to be difficult to prove unless there are more students who are willing to testify.  Of course this is a big risk since their involvement may mean the teacher will resent them.
There is another step and I actually helped a student with a similar problem. He was very unhappy with a teacher for a number of reasons.  He confided in me and I believed he had a legitimate reason for wanting to transfer to another class.  I spoke to his guidance counselor who then met with the student.  The counselor agreed and the student was grateful.  His teacher did ask about the transfer but the counselor told him that occasionally this happens and not to worry about it.
What I am suggesting is this may be a better way to handle this situation.  The fewer people involved the better the outcome.
I hope these suggestions are helpful.  I feel that teachers are role models and it is disappointing and sad to read about one who is not.

First, it is a good idea to privately confront the teacher yourself and make him/her aware about how you feel. Stay polite, and don't make any threats.

If this happens at a regular basis, and you can clearly say you do not provoke it by your own conduct, and your teacher ignores the concern you voiced, you should bring the matter to the attention of your parents and of your teacher's superiours.

Usually, you first go to a teacher you trust, or a school counsilor. In Germany, there is a student elected Trusted Teacher who serves as a liason officer and spokesperson between the students and the teachers and who has to treat your troubles confidently should you wish it. I am sure, your school has something similar to offer.

It is a good idea to look for honest alies in your class to support your claims. When classmates confirm what you say and/or also seriously feel bullied by the teacher, this will give a lot more weight to your complaint. Note that if you just team up with people to bash an unpopular teacher, particularly if you make up stories, this will most likely backfire on you, so be honest and don't exaggerate.

Be consistent, insistent, persistent, but polite. Don't have yourself sent away without the issue really being taken care of. If both your counsilor and the teacher him/herself ignore you after repeated attempts, you should address the headmaster. If you can, make sure your parents get involved, too.

Johannes König

Please see the following post and suggest what I have to do.

As one of my classmate Bhumika has posted her sad experience, I wish to post about mine. It is not sex alone.

How molestation take place at SRM University for girls?

It is a place where girls especially from Andhra and North India are subjected to . I am from MBA. The department has only one lift. At the rush hour lot of students jump into it. One of the staff Chinnathambi, do some thing strange. He will be standing at the entrance. If the lift is full of girls, he will rush to the lift and enter into it. For the next movement to four floors is hell for girls. He will molest them by touching their breasts. Some times he will pinch in between legs. His room is in second floor and he will come up to fourth floor. He will again come down and repeat this for four to five times a day. Boys also do it. It is so much embarrassing for us. He will be talking in Tamil in low level language, referring the parts of the girl students to boys. The cheap fellows enjoy his talk about girls. He also checks the ID. It is a way to molest girls. He will touch in between b___ts to find the identity. He once checked my identity and told Monday is longer than Sunday. I did not know it . When i asked him, he told he will tell me at staff room. He told that my breasts are more for my bra. Such is the cheapness of this place. There are three fellows in my class. Mathi, Selvan and Santhosh whose past time is to molest at least one girl in a day. What they do is when we are rushing to the lift for specializations, they will molest us and quickly escape. They will tell other classmates how many they did it! Thank God, I was saved because of some of my good annas who told me all these things and protected me in the second semester. Until I was weeping and could not tell any one. I thank Amudan anna. I also reported to Jayshree mam. She felt angry and told she will not be able to do anything as he enjoys political clout. He collected 3,000 rs for SHAMS. There is no fee for it, but he collected and no receipt was given. Collecting this kind of money by staff is such worst place. For Navarthri celebrations, I was asked to pay 4,000 rs by another staff Balaji. He is class teacher and collects money for nine days dance programme at the department. Lakhs are collected and all the staff share it. It is shame. I never felt that this is an educational institute. Only some of the good teachers like Sri Vidaya Mam, Pradeep sir, Prasad sir, Joe sir and Jothi mam helped me to live in this hell. Project work is another worst thing. We are pressurized to buy from vendors. These people are Anbu and Daniel rajkumar. They get the project for us charge us thousands. No education but money.

There is no classes in the after noon for nine days as everyone are compelled to participate in the lobby. The other students stand at the balcony and see the programme. Ponniah one of the dean, will take the event in his i pad and also dance with us. This is the time most of us are molested in the name of dance. No where in the world you will see this kind of institution. We reported to Director and he was very unhappy and he told us that it should be stopped. But the damage to the culture of the place is totally done.

   You are on the right track in doing what it is that you are doing here on this website. Plus, putting it in a way that gives out very little information at this time, is good too.

     It is probably best to talk to this student first. Find somewhere private and discuss the situation with them. Know what you are really getting yourself into. One must remember that these types of situations can be very sensitive to the person going through them. Should they not want to talk about it, find another way to do this. Talk to an adult that you know well. They would have other ideas to help. There is always going to some one at the school or police if you feel that it is that serious. Although this last one is for very extreme cases.

      The simple fact is that any form of inappropriate behavior from  anyone towards another is wrong. It should be stopped for the fact that it could get worse as time passes. Then there will be problems to solve. It is good that you are doing, what it is that you are doing; in this manner. You are a real friend at this time. Find something in these situations, not only for this individual,but, as you say for others; also.

/* valid if it's kind of harassment */

Try collecting evidence.

Looking at technology available, it won't be that difficult. Once you present the proof, strict action would be taken against the teacher . Also since you will be having a physical proof, fearing media, school authorities won't try to suppress this.

One more advice : if you manage to collect an evidence, create it's multiple copies and store them at various places.
Also you can take help of your few trustworthy friends in order to carry out your "evidence collection" plan.

You are out for a noble cause.
Sincere good luck.

You can only encourage your classmate to talk to her parents about it or encourage her talk to her advisor or guidance counselor. Depending on the way your school works - some schools allow students to talk to administrators - vice-principals or even principals.
Is this uncommon in your school? Some schools are rather bullying places - including teachers - and in any school there can be a teacher who is a bully. Is this teacher known for such behavior as you're seeing or does the teacher otherwise have a kind and respectful manner toward students?
It's not your place to do something about it - unless you would see your classmate become seriously depressed from it and then you could say that to somebody - that you're very worried about your friend. Otherwise it's your friend's task to speak to her parents about it and as a friend you can continue to encourage her to do that - or tell your friend that you'd like to speak to her parents about it and see if she's happy to hear that. Sometimes when we have bad news to share, it helps to have another caring person present.
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