A divorced woman aged 35 years filed a petition against me, (age 24) that I used her, promised to marry and took money from her. What do I do now?

If it is a legal petition, as in she is attempting to sue or have you incarcerated, first step is to get a lawyer. As ridiculous as it might sound men have been railroaded for similar. The lawyer should be able to petition for the dismissal of any charges. That will probably work. Be sure that you counter sue for legal fees so she can pay for court and the cost of making you get a lawyer. The fact of the matter is that men have been taken for this exact same ride over engagement rings, money, and even their semen. Those things given in those cases were ruled gifts almost universally and unrecoverable. Any lawyer should be able to find prescident and get this thrown out. MAKE SURE you counter sue, it should not cost you a dime to defend against her frivalous suit.

Will doing 100 crunches a day give me abs in 3 weeks?

The other answers to this question were so horrible, confusing, vague, and wrong that I had to step in.Like Batman getting the Bat-Signal, I'm here to save the day. Let the education begin...When someone asks me about doing 100, 500,

Do gay people regret being gay when they get old?

I'm not quite old yet, but I've been thinking about being old given the New Year and the fact that my calendar age is about to tick up by one more number.I'm a gay man who has lived long enough to intimately witness the profound changes in

Is it possible to build muscles at 35 years old?

Yes, it is possible to build muscle when you are in your late 30s and 40s.Building muscle requires the following key components.TestosteroneDiet: protein rich and atleast calorie neutral for your age. You will need minimum 1 to 1.5 grams/kg of body weight of protein