A flat belly is my dream. Can I get my belly flat within ten days?

1. Avoid salt

To minimize water retention, lower your sodium intake. This means you need to avoid salt. You can flavour your food with other herbs and spices instead.

2. Drink water

Have adequate water to flush away those toxins. This will give you dual benefits of a glowing skin and a flat tummy. Drinking water does not only mean having gallons of water in a day, but also drinking healthy drinks like green teas with anti-oxidants and fresh vegetable and fruit juice.

3.Say bye-bye to stress

Stressing and anxiety can cause the over-production of a certain hormone called cortisol, which encourages weight gain about the belly area. So try to keep your cool!

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Is it possible to lose 44 lbs in 3 months?

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Is 50 pushups per day a good warm up before going to the gym?

It can be, but that largely depends on the movement quality that you show when doing those push-ups. I'm also assuming that you mean as a warm-up prior to doing an upper body push workout and not a pull or lower body workout.The cardinal sin that I see most new trainees commit is not having a plan for each

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Easy answer: She didn't want to be married to me anymore. She joined CrossFit, and most of the members in that particular gym were either unmarried or unfaithful, and suddenly her life didn't seem very exciting anymore. At least, that's my assessment of the situation. My daughter blamed herself. She