A friend of mine said, if you want to lose weight You need to work out 6 times a week and stop eating carbs what's your opinion on that?


Well, ok, that could work. But then you'll stop and 18 months from now you'll be posting the same question on quora.

What you need to do is find some ways to refine your everyday routine to make it one that helps you work towards your goals.

Starts by making a list of foods you like that are also healthy. Keep experimenting and adding to it as you go, then make sure you incorporate more of these into your diet.

.....Especially play with grilling vegetables.....grilled pumpkin, cauliflower with sweet paprika and broccoli with smoked sea salt are amazing. Served with greek yoghurt (you can even flavour the yoghurt, just like mayo. I have made chipotle style chili "mayo," ranch dip and many others just using greek yoghurt instead of mayo) it all tastes like a feast, not a famine.

Tony Robbins talks about our likes and dislikes.

If we rate everything we like from one to six (six being dislike) then rate it again with how productive and helpful it is to our goals, from A to F. (A being best, F being negative)

To really succeed, we basically need try to do more A1 activities, that is things we enjoy that also help us.

Same goes for diet, same goes for exercise.

As far as frequency of exercise, it depends on how you define exercise. For some people a workout is a few minutes light cardio, followed by a yoga class. For others it's lifting heavy weights followed by pounding a punchbag into oblivion.

If you are doing light exercise, then you can do a walk or something equivalent everyday. If you are really pushing your body, you will need minimum one or two rest days, where you can do light work if you like.

But again, back to the "graph". If you force yourself to do an activity that is A6, sure, the first few weeks you'll go, but you'll soon start to find excuses and then will start skipping it and pretty soon be back to the start.

So you need to experiment. There are lots of websites now where you can buy fitness passes that cover a whole range of activities and different gyms. Keep trying new activities until you find lots of A1 activities. Then the motivation is built in. You go exercise because you enjoy the activity....losing weight or not is just a by-product.

Even when you have your routine set with a good solid list of 20 or so A1 foods and 4 or 5 A1 activities that you do regularly, I'd recommend keep experimenting and constantly trying to find new A1 things....we all need variety and change, or we start to feel stagnant. So work in variety and change.

When you have your routine of 4 or so workouts a week, keep one session free to try new things. Same with foods. Keep experimenting with how you prepare and eat healthy foods. Every so often you will find something and think "where has this been my whole life?" ....worst case scenario, you end up eating a whole lot of A rated foods that only end up being a 2 or 3...and every kitchen has a bin if your experiment really goes south! ;P

And please don't stop eating carbs. Its the quickest way to total misery...even if you persevere, you end up feeling like a weak little ghost who can't even lift their gym bag without noticing how heavy it feels.

One thing to bear in mind: when taken together, Sugar, fat and "carbs" light up your brain's reward sensors like a pinball machine in a thunderstorm. This is why donuts, cake, chocolate cookies etc have that "can't stop, must get more" feeling. If you are American, most supermarket ‘savory' bread products also fit his category....I swear some brands of USA bread taste sweeter than certain UK cakes!

These are all delicious (apart from the terrible bread) but definitely F1 ....the problem isn't eating one of those things, the problem is that eating one of these things create a craving with your body demanding MORE of these things....

....If you have the strength of 1000 oxen, go ahead and eat just half or a small portion of F1 items on the semi-regular, but depending on your personality, it might just be easier to avoid them or find substitutes, (protein powder blended with ice=thick shake substitute. ...add lots of cocoa powder if you are craving chocolate). Then you can break the cycle of craving-high-craving.

But if you have astonishing willpower and are one of those who can eat a slice of chocolate cake *gasp* slowly and *double gasp* leave half the slice for later then there is no need to limit them.

So yeah, ‘carbs' aren't the enemy. Rice, oats, quinoa, couscous etc are not chemical thunderstorms designed to make you fat. We just need to be conscious of what we consume with them. You need carbs, or you will begin to feel like a tiny starving weakling. You just need to make sure they are A1 carbs and not the culinary equivalent of cocaine. (Long, meaningful side-eye at Krispy Kreme! :P)

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