A lack of delayed on-set muscle soreness (DOMS) does not equal a lack of effort, but if you do get DOMS, is the inverse always true: That you did do enough to get it?

You can get DOMS simply by changing the type of training (I. E. Changing the rep scheme to be higher) or performing a new exercises that you are not used to.

But still the total training volume could be less than what is required for muscle growth.

The best way to track muscle growth is through an improvement of strength, reps performed and physical size.

Total volume /Work Done = Weight x Sets x Reps

Are 90% of people mentally ill?

If you understand statistics, you would probably predict that the definition of mental illness will be set somewhere between one and two standard deviations from the mean. That is between 5 and 30%, or more likely centered between 10 and 20% of the population. Think about it. If

What exercises and diet helps to tone body, especially lower body and arms?

The exercises that help you in shaping up your lower body especially the glutes, quadriceps and your hamstrings are the following..SquatsDead liftsLungesHamstring curlsLeg extensionsStanding calf raisesSeated calf raisesDonkey calf raises.You may also practice variations of these exercises for example the front squat and back squat etc. Deadlifts - Conventional, sumo, Romanian, stiff

What are some relationship tricks to keep the spark alive?

The three year plan.I think there are noticeable phases in relationships, and i seems that around every three years or so, people can feel themselves moving towards a new phase. It's not always relationship related, and more about individual energies.I am not talking about exploring new sex partners.Every three years or so, a person needs a new challenge.