About an hour after I eat bread, I'm super gassy. What prebiotics/probiotics should I take to help my gut biome process the food and reduce my bloating?

I would highly recommend digestive enzymes to help with digestion, bloating and here is a brand that is Healthiest Approved. Probiotics are great in general and either taking a supplement such as this one: Udo's Choice - Adult's Blend Probiotic Capsules and/or including fermented foods in your diet is highly recommended for a healthy gut biome.

Will power weight loss exercise?

HiWill Power is a Type Of Energy. Every time you exercise it you lose some. Hence Your will power is highest in the morning and weakest by the time day ends.That's why you have to be wise in spending it appropriately.First and foremost, you need

How to make my calf muscles bigger

How can I make my calf muscles bigger?Of the leg muscles, the primary blind spot tends to be the calf. Indeed, underdeveloped leg muscles - aka chicken legs - plague many guys. Functionally, calves are important for developing explosive power, so anyone who takes part in sports that

What is the single best piece of home exercise equipment for weight loss?

I think you can realistically reach your goals using any cardio machine if you apply the right regime, HOWEVER I truly believe that the rowing machine is far superior to a spin bike, treadmill or any home weights system. There are a number of machines out