According to you, what are the things that make life enjoyable?

If you enjoy your own company, there are no such things to be dependent on to make the most out of your life..

Because the moment your good mood/days depends upon the the things' surrounded to you,

Its' sure there will be bad mood/days from the same things which lifted your mood! Once

Its' only you;yourself who will never let you down!

Find joy in every aspect of your life,

Be crazy about the dreams and goals' you have

Travel the world with a single bag pack

With the single passport

With no barriers of anyone or anything which is going to stop you!

Sky is the limit its more then unlimited

Embrace yourself, train your mind to keep yourself at the back of everyones' fall!

SELFLESSNESS is the key!

Grow by helping others'

This is what life is

This is how the creation of an enjoyable life seems to be!


Deep Shah

What is the best fitness/nutrition website for men and women?

Unhealthy lifestyles are on the rise more than ever before, as our ever fast-paced lives leave little room for healthy eating; meaning fatty foods are easier to access; and consume. Keeping healthy can be a difficult task, as you need to combine a good diet and exercise. If you're working towards

My husband and I don't want to divorce but he says he wants to separate and needs time apart. I feel like this is just the first step towards divorce. How many people have separated and then got back together?

I am going through a divorce. My soon-to-be ex-wife filed for the divorce 4 months ago. We're done. There is NO second chance. My infidelities destroyed our marriage and another couples marriage. The last couple of years of our marriage was bad.My soon-to-be ex-wife did

What can be the cause of shoulder pain in the back of the shoulder the day after lifting weights?

I've lifted weights for over 45 years. Usually, pain comes from 2 sources: Improper technique or lifting the maximum amount of weight in high reps. Please lay off the weights for a week to ten days then try again with lighter loads. If after the layoff the pain persists then