Aesthetic Fitness: Which is the best resistance band brand?

Ace Fitness, the website of the American Council on Exercise, has published resistance band reviews. The council recommends SPRI StrengthCords. The bands feature a strong, braided material and soft foam swivel handles. They are color-coded and numbered, from easy to difficult, helping you keep track of your progress as you tone and gain strength. However, the council states these bands tend to be a bit more expensive than other brands.

Body Building
What are some chest exercises that use a resistance band?

You could do chest presses and chest fly with a band. You anchor the band on something sturdy/stationary and hold both the handles in your hands and take a wide step forward and press forward with the band (quite similar to how you would do with a TRX). Based on how much resistance you can

What should I do if I'm falling in love with the same person again?

Watch your feelings. It might not be love but just an effect to the memories of the time spent together. The stronger the bond, the stronger the need to know the well being of the person you left. It might be because you care for the

Can you share your fitness routine?

My daily schedule(bulking plan)Wake up at 5am sharp.Drink some water.Brush and cook brown rice.Have my Pre-workout meal.Arrive at gym at 6 am sharp.Finish my workout by 7:30 am sharp.Have my post-workout meal.Arrive home by 7:50 am.Cook my chicken and pack my lunch along with my evening snacks.Arrive