After 34 years of marriage, my mother want divorce. She spent her loveless life with my father because of me and my brother. I am worried about her. Is she taking the right decision?

Yes, she is making the right personal decision. I divorced after 32 years of marriage and I had adult children. I too, spent a loveless lifetime in a marriage because of my children. Your mother will be fine. It will be a huge adjustment for her and you must be patient. It is going to take years, (yes, I said years) before she fully adjusts to being single and finds her own place in the world. With your support and understanding going forward, these could be the happiest years of your mother's life.

Continue to love your father and see him as often as possible. However, do not take sides in the divorce, it will destroy your family. Trust me when I say, you have no clue about half the water that has went under the bridge during your parents marriage because they have spared you.

For whatever personal reasons she has, your mother needs this divorce and she has found the courage to move on. All you can do is continue to love and support her. It will not be easy, but it will be okay. Best wishes to your family as you embark on this new journey.

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Both.It's fake because it's not a competition, but rather a scripted performance. It's like going to see a play where Hamlet and Claudius appear to beat the living crap out of one another for ten to twenty minutes.But it's also real because those are real human beings out there taking impacts