After doing push-ups and chin-ups, is it normal to feel weak and tired in the arms, back, shoulder, and collar bone area?

If you have just started exercising then it is completely normal to feel a little tired at the beginning. As you go exercising regularly your body will start to get used it. But I suggest you to go slow with smaller bouts and increase as you go on.

You may also not be taking a proper diet. Get some carbohydrates and proteins in your body.

And most importantly make sure to get enough sleep (at least 7hrs a day). A tired body isn't fit for exercises.

Hope this helps you.

Are men or women happier with their marriages?

At first I thought of responding with some sort of joke answer, because it is a strange but interesting question that cannot really be answered.  Then reading Gwen's answer, a good one, I realized it could be taken seriously.

How can people lift more weight with bench press than with pushups?

A pushup is 65% of your bodyweight - but you're taking most of the balance out of the equation. An average person who doesn't train will therefore be able to do more pushups than they could bench press reps with 65% of their bodyweight.I say untrained because obviously if somebody trains for this, their result will be

Why do married men tell unmarried men not to get married?

Some general reasons are:Marriage, and divorce, both tend to favor the females in western nations. The man has little chance of coming out on top, legally or socially. This is also becoming a thing in Nations like India.When men get married, they don't realize the dynamic changes. By getting married, you end up gaining an extra