After how many days do we lose muscle if we stop working out?

I was curious about this too a few months ago, so I looked it up.

I couldn't find a right answer anywhere at all. One website said one week, others said a few days, it was all confusing. So I'm going to share my personal experiences with you.

People who have a lot of muscle tend to lose it faster than those who don't. Say that you started working out a few months ago and you gain quite the bit of muscle, but suddenly you stop for a few weeks. Will this hurt you? Yes, but not that much. You might not even notice it's gone.

Now imagine a guy who has been working out his entire life. He has a lot of muscle, in fact he has so much muscle that he has to walk on his hands. If he stopped working out for a few days it's no big deal right? If you said "no it's not a big deal" you would be correct. He would be completely fine for a few days; we'll say about two. After that he would start to lose muscle rapidly. At some point it would stop and he would still have a significant amount of muscle, but not as much as before.

The second guy after a while would start to lose even more muscle, this time it probably wouldn't stop until he looks like an average joe.

I remember a few years back I was heavily obsessed with bodybuilding. It became an addiction and I could not get enough. I became big, like run-away-it's-a-monster big. I broke my arm and couldn't workout for a while, doctors orders. It was a solid month before I could continue my reign of biggest guy in town. Trust me, it was a huge town, like 300–500 people! Jokes aside, I did notice that my muscle had started going away, it left because I wasn't giving it attention. Typical right?

It probably had to do with me not eating correctly for a while, that always helps.

So after one month I started losing muscle, but I was dedicated to it. Beginners won't lose muscle as fast.

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