After how many hours of sleep do you stop functioning?

After how many hours of sleep do you stop functioning?

I don't think anyone knows for certain.

And it depends on what you mean by stop functioning. Do you mean death. function can refer to a sliding spectrum of behaviors and things. like work. Please don't drive if you've not slept in 18 hours. use your best judgement. i've got a friend i knew in junior high who paralyzed his girl friend and killed 2 friends because he fell asleep at the wheel and drove off the road rolling and flipping the car. They were 19 at the time. It's just tragic. He wasn't drinking. Just sleepy. it happened in nowhere Texas long after he moved to Texas from California.

It depends on a lot of things like Mitochondrial health. And how much exposure to neurotoxins (MSG), farm chemicals (Pesticides), Co2 levels (hypercapnia, CO2 levels hit the point of no return 2 years ago btw, i think we're gonna see a lot more craziness in the the years to come. )Neurotoxins and oxidative stress are dealt with while we sleep. i tend to nod off or get micro sleeps after about 16 hours of being awake. Even more so if i've gotten out of the house. i've got a Mitochondrial disease so i would probably collapse or lose consciousness at at about 72. i think the max i've gone without sleeping is 4 days. it was during a MELAS syndrome stroke like episode. i take L-arginine and sodium pyruvate to prevent those. i haven't had one since 2015. Unfortunately, brain Atrophy which is par for the course for MELAS syndrome started this spring of 2018.

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