After lifting weights, how many days should you rest before lifting again?

Depends on intensity/recovery, programme type and goals. For example if you're doing heavy deadlift it may take 7–10 days to fully recover and if your goal is muscle size then you will want to maximise your rest over that period in order to maximise growth and possibly do some upper body work and/or some very light lower body. If you're isolating muscles then you can train more frequently but less so with compound i.e. multi joint exercises/movements like deadlift, squat, bench press. For example, upper body/lower body split e.g. arms, legs, and agonist/antagonist e.g. biceps (front of upper arm), triceps (back of upper arm). Still allowing a few days rest per body part depending on size and quality of rest e.g. quads (front of upper leg) will take longer to recover than biceps as there is more muscle mass/fibre to heal. There's a great table of training guidelines for different goals by Mel Siff, a leading sports scientist and strength and conditioning coach. Making lots of large assumptions, if you train mainly with compound lifts 3–5 times per week alternating between pushing and pulling and alternating between heavy and light sessions that should give most people good results.

I'm 25 years old skinny guy. I'm joining gym next month. I want to know that what are main differences between body building and strength training? What program should I join?

With strength training, the main objective is to increase your strength as in how much weight you can lift. An increase in muscle will come along as you progress (after all, a bigger muscle is a stronger muscle) but it

How to start preparing for divorce mentally when I still stay with my husband

I'm sure there must be a possible future you which you've envisioned for yourself after Divorce. Think about that.Most importantly, think about your financial future. You should get some money as maintenance/alimony from your husband. Think about whether you're going to just squander it

What are the features of modern civilization?

The modern period of development of society is determined by the progress of technogenic civilization. This type was formed in the European region, but is implemented in different versions both in the West and in the East, facing traditional societies. The most important feature is