After the first day at the gym my body hurts the day after is that a normal thing what should I do to reduce some of the pain?

Perfectly normal as long as it's "tightness" or "soreness" and not "pain". If you need a further definition please ask, but it's pretty easy to tell the difference.

To reduce some of that soreness, however, I suggest a protein shake mixed with some sort of fast-acting carbohydrate immediately after workout - orange juice mixed with vanilla protein is one of my favorites. Your glycogen stores are very low after strenuous exercise (thus the orange juice) and having easily accessible, easy to digest protein (whey or something of the sort) will make it easier for your body to recover.

Also, try stretching post work-out - this can help a LOT as your muscles contract and become tighter. Five minutes of stretching plus a five minute, low-paced walk on a treadmill or path can make a huge difference in how I feel the day after exercise.

What are the best exercises to lose belly fat?

THE exercises you will use for a fat bellytips to get rid of your tummy!Breakfast  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you eat your breakfast within an hour after you get up, your insulin levels will

Which is the best bcaas supplement out there?

BCAA's is usually made up of three main amino acid as leucine, valline and Isoleucine.And, there are many national and international brands of sports nutrition supplements which sell their supplements online. But, Accirding to me, Aminoz is the best one. I became the fan of Aminoz. Because it has a wide collection of

How to bulk up without going to a gym

Let me help you, guys!First, and biggest part is the nutrition  (nutrition is about 60%, workouts 40% sometimes even less):NutritionDecide for one system: low-carb, paleo, IIFYM, etc. - there are thousands make this your LIFE - it is not about maintaining