After two years of marriage, will my marriage end?

Sounds like a beautiful case of insecurity here.

1>Set some serious rules and stick by it.

2>Use dramatic approach like Amitabh Bachchan : Aey!!! Mere maa baba k khilaaf ek shabd bhi bola toh mere se bura koi nahi hoga....ahaha.

3>Sometimes parents can be unreasonable but dont let them be insulted. I mean remember your dad had planned to buy a car but suddenly he had to pay your school fees, transportation fees, uniform etc. It was his duty nothing dramatic. So now its your duty.

4> You don't love your wife buddy. Trust me. You are just scared of her and you want to be a gentleman coz maybe you think you can't get a better girl. I can be wrong but I figured this based on your reply.

5> She has her space and her rights. But you have some rights too. So when she exercises her rights make sure you exercise yours too.

6> At some places compromise. But sometimes you must adapt.

7> Try taking a home on rent for 6 months and shift there and see, are you guys happy atlast. I mean are you comfortable with arrangement of staying alone with wife. If yes then go ahead with it. Or else dude its clear. Neither your parents are faulty nor is your home. You know it was your decision/choice that was maybe faulty. (Make sure when you leave you dont pack all your stuff and take along. So that you should be visiting your parents house every now and then).

Now the part Will my marriage end??

What do you feel. Do you want to end it? Go ahead with it. Dont waste time man.

Something very naughty

example in a situation where wife wanted her inlaws out of house. I read this somewhere.

Use psychological tricks. Public shaming. Go to her office for example and tell her loudly in front of her colleagues. I removed my parents from house as you and your father had asked me to do. What to do about their belongings?? Shall I throw them or sell on olx? I really feel bad about doing all this.. I think I want to stay with them too..

Do all the drama bro. Dont worry. Like I always say.

Be a Badass at times. Women like it lol

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