After what time of working out we will feel improvement?

It depends. I'll assume you mean after how much days or weeks of working out will one start yielding results. There are several approaches; first you'd notice visible results about 3 weeks in if you do high intensity cardio exercises and lift heavy weights (which I will advise against if you're just starting off as a beginner, or coming back to exercising after a long time off) if you decide to take it slow, results will suffice in about say 6 weeks and this will also depend on your metabolism and your body's ability to burn off unwanted fat. At this time, people around you will be the ones noticing the changes on you. You'd hardly notice easily because it will be progressively slow until you look back at an old photo. Also know that working out to achieve physical result is only part of the much work that needs to be done for noticing improvements; the most important of all, are the type of foods you eat. Good luck.

Why do Philippine people have bad teeth?

Filipinos generally have good grooming practices. Sure most people from the cities have good teeth, but the provinces mostly don't.Toothbrushes are not available anywhere. Imagine a crowded area of at least 30,000 people with just one grocery or drug store available to buy a toothbrush. Brushes are also way too expensive to be afford by the

What is the best advice you could give a high school graduate who is not attending college?

It is possible for you to outwork those who choose to go to college, and perhaps even surpass them, earnings-wise, if you are determined to do so.There are many trades which are showing significantly more interest, as fewer young people are deciding to take that route

What are some amazing health benefits of beer we don't know?

Well . . . your question presupposes that we don't know the hidden benefits that you want to know. So my natural answer is to say - I don't know.That being said, here is the BIGGEST health benefit of beer that most