After workout how long should I wait to eat?

You should eat when you feel hungry.

Meal timing or frequency is not that important as long as your overall calorie and macros are supporting your fitness goals.

Some people insist that you must eat something right after a workout to grab the opportunity of anabolic window while others think you should prolong the fat burning effect of glucagon by not eating.

The truth is that your health and fitness are going to be largely determined by your overall calorie, macro, and micro intake over the course of days or even weeks.

Don't worry about every single meal or every single minute details just eat when you are hungry and ensure your overall calorie intake is on track.

Good luck :-)

What are some simple ways to stay fit everyday?

Drink a lots of waterWalk minimum 8 km per day.Read a beautiful book everyday(minimum 10 pages).Have a positive attitude in life.Eat minimum 2–3 servings of seasonal fruits and vegetables dailyInclude protein in your diet(peanut butter, chia seeds, lentils)Have dental checkup once in 3 months.Soak almonds(8–9) in water at night and

What do you prefer, Yoga or Workouts?

Of course Yoga. Because Yoga is much more scientific. In America more than three crore people are practicing yoga daily. Now through out the world 21st June is observed as International Yoga Day. In India Yoga is regarded as a science that allows a man to live harmonious life and while favoring his

What can I do to lessen the pain of chronic tendonitis in my forearms and wrists?

Tendonitis is caused by overworking an area. It will become inflamed. Ice is great at reducing inflammation. However, ice is just the beginning. Rest, as in while you sleep, use a wrist brace such as the one in the link below.  Tendonitis takes time