What movie would you recommend to an alien?

Well, first of all, I'd invite them into my living room, offer them a seat, make a nice cup of tea, ask them where they've come from and did they have a nice journey, and after listening to them patiently, I would reply with the thumbs up: ‘Looking good Billy Ray!' just like Eddie Murphy at the end of ‘Trading Places', so this is the movie I'd recommend.

This heartwarming movie illustrates how the milk of human warmth can put one over on the greed of evil men and at the same time bring a smile to our lips.

I did think about Alien which I first saw when it was released in 1979 at a drive-in movie theatre during my first trip to USA, but after greeting my alien visitors, and here we call them ‘special' by the way; just because they're ‘different' to us, I didn't want them to think that all we wanna do is kill them, at least not straightaway, but then I thought of ‘Day of the Triffids', you know, the one where a freak meteor shower blinds the entire human race just when flesh eating plants are getting a taste for human blood.

I'd welcome them to America with one of the only people I think truly understands American culture, the German, Werner Herzog. The movie no less the story of a German coming to America in search of the ever more elusive "American Dream". I'm sure they've traveled for thousands of years to share comradery with another kind and enlightened race, not some desperate and/or more violent reason such as stealing a planet and committing genocide. Like us I would be certain that is just something that enlightened and intelligent beings just do not do.

Anyways the movie is Stroszek, and I think it would give them a pretty good idea of what kind of creature they have contacted. I think the final lines of the movie pretty much sum it all up.

"Deputy Sheriff: We have a 10-80 out here, a truck on fire, we have a man on the lift. We are unable to find the switch to turn the lift off, can't stop the dancing chickens. Send an electrician, we're standing by."


I believe all exposures should be grounded in observation of what we have first and how we got it here. The chance of being questioned on what's on the screen would be easy for us to answer rather than to explain the fictions that are not in its existence and is anything useful.

Nonetheless, here is the list:
National Geographic - all things of animal, tree, plants, insects - all lifeform roam the Earth captured in videos.

Extreme Engineering - all things of engineering, construction, building, housing, from A to Z. Not limited to Extreme Engineering but of the many other media coverage about construction like building a house from scratch.

Education - A single point-of-view throughout the whole journey of learning from Kindergarten to College level.

We may need to craft a brand new movie as a means to communicate with Alien - by showing plan and solution. We should be exchanging babies in raising them - at the same time we will supervise them and they too will supervise theirs. In the scene, it should be shown that we are educating them to flourish in our culture and theirs - as a means to becomes a translator, a bi-cultural society.

As you may notice - I don't show any "entertainment" movies as the first thing to Alien....but we should know first on what is their understanding of entertainment, we would need to see their entertainment first to know what to put into an equilibrium of sharing our entertainment as well. How tolerance are they regarding violence, how much do they understand what is entertainment is - what is fictions, what is lying is, what is deception is, what is violence to them. Do they take pleasure in seeing violence? Or will it serve them in a wrong way that we have this "normal" for killing each other as an okay thing to do? And they can practice the same thing to us? If they have a strong indicator of separating of what is fiction and reality then it may be okay to show it all...they may find it confusing, irrelevant, not interesting...but the opposite can be true that they would LOVE watching all kind of movies. We'll never know until we encountered one.

Nonetheless, if they are TOLERABLE, FRIENDLY, and COMMUNICABLE - then I would show them all Star Trek series and movies.

QUATERMASS AND THE PIT (1967),Philip Kaufman's change of the 1956 Invasion of the Body Snatchers brought shading photography and appropriate outsiders (not only ones putting on a show to be individuals) to the wide screen. The cast was better, as well, with Donald Sutherland, Brooke Adams, Leonard "Spock" Nimoy and Jeff Goldblum sitting on the credit move, in addition to a puppy with the substance of a tramp.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind



The Day the Earth Stood Still

War of the Worlds

Invasion of the Body Snatchers


Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

Marvel's The Avengers

This way the aliens can see what we thought their first visit would like like! Maybe they'll get a laugh...

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