All the answers say that weight lifting doesn't stunt the growth, but for the kids who start weight lifting at a prebubertal age, and they go through puberty, does this stunt their growth?

When you say "stunt your growth", you're referring to the fracturing of epiphyseal (growth) plates.

Now, repeat after me:

Growth plate fractures only happen due to improper technique and/or excessive load.

No kid will stunt his growth because he chose to start lifting some weights, as long as he does it correctly.

The idea that lifting heavy stuff "squishes" you and keeps you short is about as logically sound as the earth being flat. It has about the same amount of evidence, anyways.

Is exercising in the morning more effective than exercise done at the end of the day?

Just to add to what has already been said, there is an additional potential advantage to morning workouts, especially if you are strength training. Our testosterone levels rise and fall in a regular pattern over 24 hours. These levels peak at around 9:00 am. My doctor just told me

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We know the importance of strong, toned, and defined back muscles. Aesthetic reasons aside, a strong back helps support all of the other major muscle groups throughout the body. And, it turns out, a strong back is especially important for females.According to a study

For criminal cases, can a revision be filed in high court when the case is pending in supreme court? Is there any relevant case law?

There isn't a case law authority on the exact situation that you are referring to mainly for the reason that the said situation is covered by the famous rule of Res Sub Judice. According to this rule No court is