Am I a bad person if I can't wait to move out from my parents house?

It is the age to go out on your own after you graduate from college, get a job and look for a place to live that you can afford. Once you are in your own place you can set your own rules and eat whatever you want to buy. It is easier to get paper plates, and plastic forks and spoons. One pan set, and other things like a new pillow, blankets, sheets, and even a new bed and other furniture as you can afford it. Starting out you might want to get an air mattress and other air furniture and even a card table and chairs. Over time you will have furniture and other things that you will want to have in your place. The main this is it is your place and no one can tell you want to do in your place and now it is your rules.

No matter what your parents have told you and even your grand mom you now have your own place and make your own rules. You will find that money does not go very far now days with high rents and other things that you will need. Like a car to get back and forth to work until you live in town and take the bus for a while. It takes money to live away from your parents' home.

No matter what you decide to do it takes money to pay rent someplace and lots of it. Rent, lights, internet, gas for the car and gas for heat sometimes. Then there is always food to buy. Are you ready for the life on your own and buy everything you eat, use and where you live.

How to prevent myself from eating too many sweets

As long as you're not diabetic, you can substitute a sugar craving with fruits. When is it that you crave sweets? Keep a log.When did you feel the craving? What did you eat instead? Where were you? And what were you doing?Note when you feel like eating sugar.

What National Park in Canada is the most underrated?

Here are five of Canada's most underrated national parksGwaii Haanas National Park Reserve, British ColumbiaWood Buffalo National Park, Northwest TerritoriesPukaskwa National Park, OntarioMingan Archipelago National Park Reserve, QuebecSable Island National Park Reserve, Nova Scotia.If you are looking for best property dealer in Niagara Falls, Welland and Canada, Contact TEAM DALE MUNDI.

Has anyone had a pet octopus? What are they like?

It's a lot of fun, but will have a tragic ending. Octopuses are fairly well known for being intelligent, which is something that makes them interesting pets. Most octopuses are nocturnal by nature, meaning they are most active at night, like bats. Thing is, many of the octopuses I've kept