Am I actually lifting earth while doing handstand pushups?

No actually it's nothing like that . It's just the gravitational force which is deceiving you . When you perform handstand push ups you are applying force (Normal force ) to lift yourself up or simply move your(body's) centre of mass away from the earth's surface . Visualise yourself( your body ) as a small shrapnel  , and Earth as a huge magnet with immensely strong magnetic field . Now you can understand that it's not you who's attracting earth but it's the other way round . You too attract Earth (since you have mass) but not that strongly (as Earth does). Thank Sir Isaac Newton for this answer .

(If you still didn't get it then read and understand what Newton's First and Third Law's mean )   

What's better for losing weight, a low carb diet or a low fat diet?

Low carb, definately.  If Atkins proved anything, it's that you can eat almost as much fat as you can stomach and still lose weight fast however miserable it makes you feel. Don't focus completely on either low carb or low fat as an absolute.  The health and diet benefits of unprocessed oats,

How many calf raises should I do to increase my muscle mass?

Increasing muscle mass isn't all about repetitions.You see, that's a very common misconception in life that more is always better, while in fact in most if not all cases, this is just terribly wrong.Let me elaborate, so to stimulate muscle growth, you need to give your body a need to

What are some of the best psychological tricks to keep ourself motivated?

In 2009, Dr. Heidi Grant Halvorson made a surprising discovery in the science of motivation. She conducted a series of studies where she asked participants to solve a set of puzzles and problems. In one group - the