Am I considered fat?

OK, first, you look fine to me and your weight is normal. You are NOT overweight, and you do not weigh a lot for somebody your height. You're just fine how you are!

You're already tall, so let me tell you this now (I'm tall too): you are always going to weigh more than your short friends. It can be embarrassing to weigh a lot compared to them--I was always embarrassed to weigh 150 when my short friends weighed 100 or 110. If I had to say how much I weighed, their eyebrows went up! But they were just thinking of themselves weighing as much as I did--they would have been fat at my weight. But I wasn't.

If you want to get more in shape, that's something else entirely and there are lots of good, SAFE ways to work your abs, etc. If you do that instead of dieting (which you don't need at your weight) you'll feel better, and be happier with how you look. That's how it worked for me, so don't get too hung up on that number, OK?

Good luck!
Do you eat breakfast or skip it? What do you usually have when you do eat breakfast? Is it the most important meal of the day?

I don't usually eat breakfast like most people do, for instance within an hour after awakening. I usually wait a few hours. When I was younger, as a teenager, I didn't eat breakfast often, or very little occasionally, but when I was a bit older, in my mid twenties, I noticed once that when I ate breakfast, I

What should I do to get bigger arms? I have gone to the gym for 8 months, around 5-6 times per week. I gained 6 kg, and my weight now is 63 kg by taking mass gainer. But I am still having baby arms. My body type is ectomorph. I nearly give up.

Frequency! Frequeny is a natural lifters best friend. Now im going to assume that you have a nice healthy diet with sufficient macros to be in a slight surplus. Im also going to assume that you have a decent workout split that focuses on major compounds (deads, squats, presses,

How can exercise help boost happiness?

Doing regular makes a person happy, stress free and boost your mode and lots of other healthy benefits,this is how,...?exercise stimulates the increase in blood flow to all parts of body which makes you active & healthy , it also stimulates the release of hormone ‘ endocrine ‘ which is responsible to make