Am I fat? I am a 14 year-old girl 5'6 and 147 pounds.

God, no. You are not fat.

You are 14.

You cannot be fat and 14, unless you either drink weight gainer shakes religiously, or have a health condition. If you were 250 pounds at that age, I would say that you need to see a doctor.

Your height and weight are in a sort of free fall right now, because of a rush of hormones that are shaping your body.

I knew a girl in high school that was 150 pounds in 4th grade, but by her Senior year, she was 130, 5′9, and everyone asked her out. But she remembered who made her feel bad about herself, and turned down their advances. Now she lives in Hawaii, married to a Navy Seal, and two kids, and looks happy on Facebook. Good for her.

I have a point to that story.

Be patient. Hormones do weird stuff to the body during puberty. Heck, hormones do weird stuff to the body during pregnancy, menopause ... you would be surprised how much a little chemical reaction can change you.

So. You're 14. I want you to forget about all the judgmental girls that may have made you feel fat. Forget'em. Seriously. You know why? Because, at 14, you're already smart enough to use Quora. Yup.

My 17 year old doesn't even use the internet for anything. Halo Player-vs-Player is what he thinks the Internet is good for.

One day, you are going to stop in at Wendys because you need a quick bite on your way to your 75k+/year job, and the girl who serves your fries will be the Prom Queen. This happened to me.

Why is your future success relevant to your question about weight? Because when you have confidence in yourself, weight doesn't matter. And if you come at life with confidence, you are less likely to have the crippling depression that spirals you into a change of metabolism, which can cause your body size to become unmanageable.

Now, having said all that, let me reassure you that your size and weight, and your Body Mass Index does NOT matter at 14. Want to know why? Because you are in a state of flux at this age. You cannot control your body weight at this age, unless you make a life-altering change in diet and exercise, like those people who make it their entire life to only eat hardboiled eggs and jog.

So ride it out with patience, style, and remember to be confident in yourself. Your body chemistry changes every 8–12 years.

I was 5′11 and 128 pounds in highschool. I was constantly bullied for being a "stick boy."

I hated myself for being too thin. At 18, I started eating a PINT of Ben & Jerry's every morning, and every night (2 a day) for six months, until I reached 170 pounds. And for about ONE YEAR I felt good about myself.

And then... my metabolism changed. I jumped up to 220, and could NOT lose it.

Then, when I was 32, my metabolism changed again. I lost 50 pounds in 8 months. At 170, again, for the first time in 14 years, I felt great. I looked great. I had loads of energy.

Two years later, I met my wife. We have been married for two years (I am now 36), and my metabolism slowed down again. But this time, it was stress. Money, buying a house, being an adult. I didn't tackle it with confidence. I'm 210 now.

I plan on getting my butt in shape. Here is how I did it in 2012:

I walked or biked one mile before my first meal. I switched all my drinks to water. I stopped eating after sun down (your metabolism slows after dark. No idea why). I snacked on almonds before bed (they have a faty acid that tells your body to burn stored fat while you are at rest).

Make sure you eat a lot. A lot of small meals raises your metabolic rate. If all you do is eat and go #2, your body becomes a factory, and nothing is stored. I suggest 5 small meals a day. Lots of protein, like meat without the sandwich buns (carbs suck, lol). Just remember moderation.

I would eat ice cream for breakfast, so I don't crave it, and grilled chicken with steamed broccoli for dinner.

I have known heavy set people who lost a lot of weight later in life because their body chemistry changed. At 14, you have little control over hormones and whatever else is going on in your body. So, again, just be yourself, believe in yourself, have an awesome plan, and when you hit 20, eat right, exercise some, and keep a positive outlook on life.

Trust me! It works!! :)

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