Am I fat if I'm 12 5 8 and 130 pounds and how much weight should I lose to be at an ideal weight?

Brandon is right, by American standards you are not considered fat. In fact, you are probably only of average weight for a 14, or 15 year old boy. So if you happen to be the same height and weight a few years from now you can say you are of "average" weight for your age and height. I was the about the same height and weight at around 15 years, so I know you will be good, too.

BMI Calculator for Child and Teen

How to lose a weight of 5 kg by spending 100 calories a day

Hello there!You cannot do this! Or it's will be very very slowly. For losing weight need to spendinf much more calories. For women 1200–1500 calories per day and 2000–2500 calories per day for men.100 calories per day it's like drinking a glass of water and dividing it for a week.Steps for losing weight

How to check my fitness level

Your positive thinking,Your smiling faceYour motto to enjoy lifeYour energy to start & finish workYour time to get up early without setting alarmYour good relation with people aroundYour practice to have nutritious meal thrice a dayYour enthusiasm toward your jobYour non disturbing sleep at nightYour good

How do elephants eat?

According to the first result popped out on google, they eat "grasses, small plants, bushes, fruit, twigs, tree bark, and roots". So, in general, elephants are herbivores. And to obtain enough energy to sustain their massive body, they eat all the time.Too bad elephants only have one set of teeth, and hard materials