Am I not capable of loving anyone ever again?

That is a decision you will make.

To love is a decision made day to day. To care about someone and to invest in them is something you commit to. You can decide to commit or decide not to commit... It is all up to you.

You will be attracted to people and you will enjoy people. If they are also drawn to you, you will have to decide to open up to them and grow past the things you have experienced in order to see them and the situation you are in with them as unique and unrelated to your current situation.

Each person is different and the things they do are often unrelated, how you react, is a different story. If you allow the past relationship to inform and dictate your responses, then you will have a hard time establishing and being in a relationship with anyone.

You will be hurt again and you will be disappointed again, but that is part of human interaction.

You are capable of loving anyone. You can love someone but until then you keep telling yourself you aren't. Stay positive and it will come easier. When that day comes where you love someone again you will realize that you always were ready because you will always have love in your heart.

How many years was the Mughal rule in India?

Mugual Rules 1526 - 1857There are 20 mugual emperor in which only 6 are famous and well known..!

What is the best gift you've ever received? Who was it from?

The beast gift I ever received came from my (step)dad. A trip to a concert that I really wanted to go see.The whole story is long, but there are two things that made this gift perfect.First, even at the age of 12, I was spending time with just him. I have

What are some cultural taboos in Bangladesh?

Coming out in explicit way against the majority religion like declaring oneself as an atheist. Being a woman and being divorced, specially if it's more than once, living together without marriage is still not accepted, child brith without wedlock, marrying a woman significantly elder, non marital afffairs,