Am I the only person that hates going to the gym because of how fake the fitness industry is?

It's when you go to the gym for others .

You want to look good for some event, function, college,office,girls etc.

Go to the gym (or do any activity) for yourself, for staying fit and healthy , for longevity.

And remember, any profession or Industry is not fake, people working there are fake.

And because of social media a lot of people are just show off.

But that's on you, see the good side,

There are a lof of good and genuine people .

Follow them, learn from them.

Stay positive and do what you like to do .

Sometimes,i think this is MATRIX, and we should have chosen the RED PILL.

How do get to 8 percent body fat?

You need to burn fat efficiently.Imagine you have two fuel tanks, one of them is composed of carbs and the other one is composed of stored fat. In order to burn through your fat, your body will first deplete the carbs fuel tank. The lower the amount of carbs

What are the best ways to stay mentally and physically active throughout the day?

(If you are a busy bee there is a 3 lines long wrap up at the end :) )Preparation for tomorrow begins today:Sleep well.Outline a list of things you want to do.Start of the day:Wake up early. (10 Benefits of Rising Early, and How to