Am I wrong for moving out on my husband?

It would seem that you are having second thoughts about your decision to move out. The best thing to do is to reconsider the reasons you had at the time you made the decision. For example, if it was one of the reasons, you could ask would remaining in the home have put you or your children in danger, or subject to abuse?

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It depends on a few factors. If you were being abused in any way, moving out to safety is the best idea. If it was for other reasons, just general unhappiness with him, did you talk to him first? Leaving when he has no clue what happened wouldnt be helpful. Communication is so important in any relationship, so being open and honest about how you feel and why is necessary. If talking about the issue wasnt working, trying marriage counseling can be very helpful.

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I expect that when you married him, you loved him and pictured a life together. When you go your separate ways from someone, it is not always because the love is completely lost, it's often because for some reason or another the relationship no longer works.For

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