Anatomically can a person's punch reach your jaw if you kicked them in the chest, stomach or hip just as they throw a punch?

Being able to make contact with a punch if struck by a kick would be difficult assuming the legs are longer than than the arms. Side kicks and roundhouse kicks both move the head away from the opponent making it more difficult to contact with a punch. Other kicks to the torso might allow a punch to make contact. Kicks to the torso are not always effective and can be absorbed and a punch could make contact.

The one thing about kicking above the waist is that it creates a vulnerability. In order to reach some one just slightly outside of the kicking range, the distance must be either closed, which telegraphs intent, or the kick must extend beyond the normal reach, creating an imbalance that exceeds the maximum power of the kick. Either way the kick is ineffective.

The hip is another issue depending on what part of the hip your question us referring to. Any strike to the lower abdomen between the hip points or a strike to the groin (not the crotch) will double an opponent over. In doing so it interrupts the punch. The head and shoulders go down and the punch cannot land.

What is an an effect workout program to lose weight on a stationary bike?

Intervals. Warm up 5-10 minutes at 50-60% then Kick up the resistance to max and go 95-100% for 10-20 seconds depending on condition (if your healthy enough and have no heart issues that is.. start with less effort if and duration if you do... say 70% or so.* I

Is getting ripped worth it if you don't compete in bodybuilding or go to the beach, since it does not show through your clothes?

Personally, I think it's worth it. I don't develop my body for the public.While there are a lot of benefits of fitness in general - it keeps you sharp mentally, gives you more energy, fights osteoporosis, and helps you remain in good health...