Ancient people created civilizations, without having electricity or fuel engines. Doesn't this mean that, with today's standards, we should all be happy and complete without having to work that much? Why isn't it happening?

I remember in my own childhood ( b.1971) there were no computers, no mobiles etc. No one seemed to miss them. Additionally, the belief was, technology would see us all working less and being more productive in 1/2 the time.

Instead, all of our modern technology just allowed us to do 2 or 3 times as much work in the same traditional 8 hour day. Even worse our gadgets and technology keep us plugged in 24/7 so we are always contactable, always working etc

I am sure at some point, some of the technology developers believed in promoting and pursuing development for quite altruistic reasons - however, the ability to make more and more money has traditionally been the goal. To offset some of the billions made from tech, many like Bill Gates have set up foundations etc like Mr Facebook etc.

I believe even when robotics reach the point where like the Jetson's Cartoon, a machine can do the housework.. we will still be competing in financial / job markets to ensure we can all afford the best robot. Most peoples obsession with having the latest stuff ( consumerism) prevents the majority of us from electing to work part-time and have less and additionally the cost of accessing basic needs ( see Maslow's Hierarchy of needs) and continues to ensure we are a slave to working not to obtain the latest and greatest... simply to eat and clothe ourselves etc. Perhaps happiness lies in a lifestyle which is truly off the grid?!

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