Any advice for cross country move?

Traveling across the country is exciting, but moving cross country is stressful and can be difficult. I did it by car. There are so many things that come up on the journey... I only did it by car because I didn't have many stuff, no furniture at all just clothes, so that made it easier.

When you have 1–2 bedrooms to move cross country, is not the same. If you don't have a job, make sure you have enough savings available to survive until you settle and get a job.

Before moving, I suggest you to fly cross country and check out the neighborhoods and rent a place to live. I recommend renting instead of buying. It gives you time to get used to the new area. After a while you might want to change neighborhoods, so renting is always a good idea.

Having a place to move is the start. Now you can plan your travel: will you be driving, flying? Hiring a moving company, or moving solo. Plan out your route and goal timeline.

As I mentioned, I moved cross country by car because I didn't have many stuff. When you have a family, kids, and a whole house to move, I suggest you to reach out a moving company. They can make the process smoother.

Do not hurry up when choosing the company. You can request a free moving quote in your area with no obligations and let the best moving companies in city call you with a quote. Compare them, read their online reviews and book the most affordable.

If you choose to do the moving by yourself, go through your things: decide what you need and don't need, what you haven't used in years, and what you absolutely must keep.

Get organized! Very important. Make a list of all the tasks you need to do, label everything.

All you need to do is to rent a van, load all the boxes and drive it yourself. Always have a back-up plan - plan for alternatives. Don't forget the unexpected problems that can occur if you are doing the moving by yourself, especially a long distance( van breakdown, unanticipated weather, irreparable damages...)

The biggest change when it comes to moving cross country is that everything will be new. Try not to rush things and allow yourself enough time to test it all out.

Moving is never easy but it doesn't have to be hard. If you are organized and take your time to adjust to the new place, everything will work out.

Appreciate the differences, don't compare them. Don't fear if you have to take it slow. Trust the process.

Best of luck!

Before signing with any company first check them out at the BBB (Better Business Bureau), and check out other online sources as well. I used Moving Giant - STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!! After I went to file a complaint with the BBB and learned they had an F rating. They never replied to my complaint. Still waiting for my shipment (been 23 days), quote was $1,600 less than actual cost at pickup and that was after I had to leave behind my sectional sofa, one bed and headboard, one headboard from the other bed, table and chairs, and many other things. They ask what's most important to be shipped and while you're running around checking on things to be shipped, they leave the most important items till last to be loaded - way to jack up the cost. Rarely answer their phone calls or reply back to you. My shipment left Boston on 1/12/2017, it's now 2/3/2017 and the driver told me yesterday that he's in Maryland and I'm in Las Vegas! Just do the research before contracting any of them!!!

If you are moving cross country, there are ways to simplify and make your move easier. The best solution is to hire a professional mover to help you with at least the physical transport of your household goods. This will take loads off your mind so you don't need to worry about driving a fully-loaded moving truck across the country. Professional movers can also help with your packing, loading and unloading, and anything else you can't do related to your physical move.

If you don't want to hire full-service movers and want to use a DIY approach, you can look into renting moving containers which is a more affordable option but may take a longer time to receive your goods.

In preparing for your cross country move, make sure to:


Allot time for taking care of personal appointments with your dentist, doctors, bank, utilities, schools, etc. You'll be surprised at how busy you'll be with personal errands.


Start packing weeks before the move, beginning with the items you are least likely to need before your move. Since your costs, no matter what option you choose for moving, depends on the weight of your goods, dispose of things you no longer need.


When packing your boxes, label them for easy sorting when you arrive.


Pack a box or bag of things you'll need immediately when you arrive.


Keep your valuables (jewelry, documents, cash) with you and never mix them with boxed for transport.

Most importantly, obtain multiple quotes from moving professionals to compare your options. Don't be shy to ask questions from movers. We can actually help you get started with 5 free moving quotes to learn your best options.

There's a few obvious things that should be on any list if you're making a long distance move:

  1. Clean & Minimize - You'll need to clean each room before you pack (this will make your final cleaning before easier and help you get a clearer idea of everything you have). You should also get rid of anything unnecessary or easily replaceable. Garage sales, donating to Goodwill, etc. are all good ways to do this.
  2. Transfer Bills, Mail, etc. - Don't leave this stuff until the last minute or it can be a real pain in the rear. Utilities, bank accounts and medical stuff should be high on your list here. Same goes for pets if you have any medications or regular vet visits you need to take care of. If you have kids, make sure to get that handled as far as school and medical needs too.
  3. Consider Your Options - Are you going to be moving yourself with a truck you rent or hire a company? Longer distance tends toward professional movers in many cases so you'll want to look at your options if you're heading that route. A-1 Auto Transport is a home mover that also moves cars and you can see some of the types of different services that they and others offer. Most of them should give free quotes so you can compare prices easily and then compare that to how much it would cost to do it yourself if you want the most economical option.
  4. Plan the Layout - If you know the space you'll be moving into, it's really helpful to plan where your furniture will go. You don't have to stick to it obviously, but having at least some idea where you want things will help you cross off one more thing while you're getting settled.
  5. Essentials - If you have anything you'll need on a daily basis like vitamins, medication, personal hygiene products, food and snacks, anything you use regularly - keep it all together and somewhere that's easy to get to. You'll save time by not having to dig through boxes to find a hair brush or dental floss and you won't have to spend money on something you already have just because you can't find it.

  • Make an inventory as you pack (e.g. on Google Sheets). It will be much easier to find stuff.
  • Pack a bag as if you were going on a two week vacation. You will not be able to find day-to-day items easily.
  • If you use Amazon subscribe and save, have a fresh delivery of all your staples waiting for you at your new place.
  • Spend the first night in a hotel and accept that you'll be eating out for the first day or two. Will let you approach things much more logically and let you relax after a day of unpacking.

Get rid of as much of your stuff as you can. You can replace most of it when you get there.

Know that such a move generally sets you back about 2 years financially. Most people don't realize that.

Keep tools, bedding, kitchen items, some clothes, entertainment items like a tv or sound system. Keep anything you need professionally. Dump all furniture that isn't an heirloom. If it is, maybe it's time to give it to another family member.

Make sure your vehicle is ready for such a trip.

If you're into a sport, dump everything you don't actually use for it.

Bottom line: travel as lightly as you can.

I've found that moving across country is easiest when starting fresh. Separate everything thing in your house into 3 categories (necessities, maybes, definitely nots). Get rid of the definitely nots and then give the maybes some serious thought.

I completely started over when I moved and even got rid of the furniture. I used a company called Furnishr to help me design and purchase my furniture and then they also came and set it up. If you're interested you can check them out at

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