Apart from eating clean and exercise what else can I do to stay healthy?

They say you have to make your mind and your thoughts healthy as well because happy mind produces happy hormones or positive chemicals that will contribute to healthy body. So here are some tips to make you healthier:

  1. Try yoga. Its work out has breathing techniques that is refreshing and leads you to meditate.
  2. Think happy thoughts. Avoid negative feelings in your mind. If you remember someone you do not like or situations you hate, divert your emotions to thinking about your blessings rather than thoughts that will not help you to think better.
  3. Pray. Talk to the One and strengthen your faith. It helps to calm your mind and have peace in your heart.

Can you suggest a training plan for a beginner in the gym, set of workouts for each weekday?

you can train four times a weekupper bodylower bodyupper bodylower body with 3 days of recovery, eat in a caloric surplus to build muscle and eat ample proteinyou can subscribe to my youtube channel to learn more about fitness , nutrition and supplementsherehttps://www.youtube.com/channel/...

I'm 15 and I weigh 350 pounds, if I lose weight slowly, will I have loose skin and how many pounds a month would I be able to lose?

Although I cannot say exactly for sure, I do know that at 15 your body is still developing. You are so young! Losing weight slowly is the BEST way to do it. Do not get discouraged if you hit a plateau, either - everyone does.

Are detoxifying foot pads effective?

Yes, it's effective.Our modern lifestyle brings lots of unnatural substance into the body due to the stress, pollution and unhealthy foods. Then the toxins accumulate in our body which loses our body ability to eliminate the toxins and causes various health issues like a headache, allergies, cold etc.The Detox