Apple just ripped me off... Should I ever buy a new phone again?

My poor father, in his old age, has become too combative with technology this year. In the past, he got a cheap Huawei and went over to a secondhand iPhone because it was less intimidating. He used the iPhone 5 for some years without problems, but this year he had all sorts of problems, some of which were IMO user-generated.

He bought an Apple iPhone 5SE new, hoping that would be easier. He went back to Apple and almost picked a fight with them because they refused to tell him his Amazon password, and gave up on the Apple.

He bought two dumbphones in the past fortnight and found neither intuitive. Now he's going to try to buy a £50 Android phone again (I think it would be far better for him to buy a decent-quality dumbphone that does nothing but call and text but does those things fairly intuitively, like the Doro, but if he thinks he can manage it...)

My father was previously quite comfortable with using technology. His main problem seems to be that he gets the wrong end of the stick about something, and that he's losing the patience to keep trying.

His problem is that he's 85. You almost certainly don't have that much excuse for throwing your toys out of the pram (British idiom for giving up in a tantrum or fit of pique), which means this question makes you look silly rather more than Apple.

If you like Apple, buy an iPhone. If you like Android, buy an Android. If you want to really simplify things and are prepared to lose the convenience of a smartphone get a dumbphone. If you want to give up on all modern technology, we've all had days like that, but don't come crying to us the next time you need to go on a trip and can't co-ordinate with friends or family because everyone else has a mobile. Clear?

You don't go into any detail about what they did to rip you off but should you ever buy ANY phone again , no . Why buy a phone when it will be a rip off ? Think about it you already have a prejudice against Apple so let's look at the alternative . Android , if you don't get an Android One or Android Go device you will be at the mercy of the manufactures to push out updates when they feel like it to your device . They say 18 months on average , 18 months for a device that will not get the latest updates and os mostly . Thats a lot of money just to through away every 18 months if your looking at something comparable in price to an iPhone . Some do three years on their most flagship devices , still a lot of money for just 3 years . iPhones now receive the latest updates for 6 years , latest iOS and latest bug fixes with security updates . The Pixel might be right for you if you want that latest os and update thing , for three years . So we have devices with less support , although you may spend less money up front you will be paying the same or more for the same time period . Now lets talk about customer support , were are all those Samsung stores , Motorola stores , Google stores , or Sony stores ? Get on of those devices, were can you easily take them to be serviced if something goes wrong ? Apple has Apple stores and verified service stores everywhere across the globe . Apple also has some of the best customer support in the industry according to numerous reports . So how agin did they "rip you off" ? A little detail would be helpful but hey if you feel they ripped you off then I'm sorry to tell you this but tech isn't cheap . You pay for a high tech device then expect there are things associated with it . It isn't just a tire you replace at Wall Mart for 39 dollars .

What, did they break into your house and steel your car keys?

Did they buy cocane from you with a stack of xeroxed $20s with one real one on the top & just dare you to call the cops?

Do you work for Apple, and they decided not to pay you this week?

Or did they lower the price of a phone in September like they have done for 8 of the last 10 years?

Or did they not lower the price of a phone in September like they have done a few times in the last decade as well?

Did you just find out that the 3.5mm headphone jack is gone? Or something about a keyboard? Or USB-C discontent?

Help us out here, we can't give you advice without at least a vague hint at what you think is going wrong.

Remo, you need to explain how you were ripped off.

You claim it was a hardware issue which wasn't your fault, but do not go into details on the issue.

Generally, Apple replaces faulty hardware that has a manufacturing defect immediately, and especially if it's new hardware.

For Apple to not replace over a hardware issue generally requires you to try to flush your iPhone down the toilet.

How did they rip you off? Apple usually does everything in their power to make customers happy. Unless you went into the store and acted like a major asshole. Then they will usually do the bare minimum they are required to do. Even then, though, they will not rip you off.

You don't go into any detail. Maybe you could add a comment detailing your situation. Then we could give you proper advice.

No. Do not fight yourself to overcome your bad feelings towards Apple. Nobody is forcing you. Make your choice yourself. Trust is a major factor for each of us. They have lost your trust.

I must mention: I love Apple products, I rely on Apple products and I trust Apple. And I am almost always happy with Apple.

It would be appropriate for you to explain some more of your problems. Perhaps we could help.

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