Approximately how many people have completed a full marathon and half marathon?

That's a hard one you'd need the finishing numbers of every marathon and half marathon in every country in every year since they began. You'd also need all the data from every runner who's ever done either inb training. A crazy question.

That said if you somehow managed to miraculously collate that data you couldn't include Katie Price in the total number. Despite promising half the world she ‘would crawl to/over the finish line' if she had to, she threw in the towel after 7 miles of the 2018 London marathon.

Apparently she was suffering from black eyes and concussion.

How to get in better physical shape (I am 15 and can do no push-ups or pull-ups)

Start with what you can do. Curl some small objects of equal size or weights if you have them. Try modified (on your knees) push ups and work on slow, solid technique then work on increasing repetition.Walking, especially uphill will be a good way to increase your metabolism, lean mass and endurance for other upper body

Which are some really good exercises to burn fat (abs later) and also increase strength?

#Which are some really good exercises to burn fat abs later and also increase strength. Tips and tricks for the question: #Which are some really good exercises to burn fat abs later and also increase strengthSoup recipes are one of the best ways to lose weight naturally. Many soup recipes that are low in

Is it normal that my boyfriend didn't get me anything for my birthday?

NO.What most guys (sorry, massive generalizations about to happen) don't seem to understand that it's not about the present itself. It's not about a Hallmark greeting card, or a dozen long stemmed roses.We can buy things for ourselves - we have our own $$, and we can get what we