Are 20 inch biceps attainable naturally?

Mine are 18 naturally with minimal body fat and I'm fairly genetically gifted in this area.

Two inches is a lot for arms but I'm by no means the biggest dude around. I'm 6'2 and about 200 pounds here. There are plenty of people who can get 20 inch arms naturally BUT you have to be a genetic freak.

Building arms is mostly about triceps. In terms of biceps though - Most guys waste a ton of time doing dumbbell curls but that's all wrong. Focus on compound lifts like pull-ups and weighted rows. Curls are fine and all but neglecting heavy compound lifts will hurt your gains.

Could Sucrose in creams accelerate skin aging in the long run? It is added for better hydration, but how about the long-term effect? Multiple research confirms that sugar particles enhance protein glycation (which leads to wrinkles).

Sugars have been used for years topically as in milk sugar to break down the bonds that keep dead skin from shedding. Think of Cleopatra using yogurt and milk to make her skin soft, pale and smooth!Glycation that is internal is different, and that

Are longer marriages necessarily to be happy marriages?

Not necessarily.I have heard of some cases where the husband and wife, after a fight don't talk to each other for years. I have heard of stories about real marriages where the husband/wife was emotionally/physically abused but still never

Are Salman Khan and Aamir Khan true friends?

After Andaaz Apna Apna they both detested each other. Salman hated Aamir for his fastidiousness and Aamir hated Salman for over casualness.This continued and both decided never to work with each other.Then one fine day Salman called Aamir, may be after many years, to his home,may be for a drink. This was the time when Aamir