Are 3-kg dumbbells good for a beginner?

Yes, it's good for a beginner. But only for a short time.

Too light for dumbbell row, lunges.

It'll be less effective in terms of providing adequate stress for the muscles to grow after week 1 for doing bench press.

You'll breeze through multiple sets of shoulder press during week 2.

You'll probably be still using it during the week 3 for arm workouts and thinking about buying a heavier pair of dumbbells during the 3 second eccentric portion of the bicep curl.

By week 4 you're only satisfied doing lateral and rear delt raise.

By week 5 you will have already visited 2–3 gyms nearby after not having felt the "pump" in your forearms.

How to control my repetitive thoughts when I have OCD

This is a complex question because there so many unanswered variables.Is your OCD chemical or is it caused by your environment or lifestyle? What kind of OCD thoughts are you having? Do they occur at a certain time of day or when certain things

How to change the visa application centre for travel to the UK after submitting the form at Haven't taken the appointment with VFS yet but the application says centres at both places have to be the same. What's the best thing to do

Hi Sonia,Once the application is submitted the center for submission of the visa application cannot be changed. Still if due to any reasons applicant want to change the center or location then its advisable to apply for a refund giving the reason for asking the refund before 24 hours from the appointment date

How much distance do I need to run daily if I want to lose 1kg per week?

I used to weigh 220 lbs before, and I was able to bring it down to 170 lbs in little more than a year. So on average I was loosing about 0.5 lb every week for a really long while. I think I can speak from my own experience.Initially I tried to loose weight relying on running