Are 3 months enough for seeing visible change in body fitness?

Absolutely yes!

The more important question is "how?".You will find the answer in the kitchen:) I will give you some advice from my experiences.

1- Diet: Try different diet types and stick with the one works best for you.

2 - Gym: Don't waste any time while you are in the gym. You are there for a reason.Read about different workout routines and stick with which you feel works best.

3-Discipline: Never make silly excuses. Excuses will only make things harder.

4- Read: Read about nutritions, diets and learn how do they work on human body. This will not only help you to get the body you wanted, it will also give you the information to keep yourself healthy all through your life.

Here is my 5 month result:

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What workouts should I do to get the most benefit out of going to the gym once a week?

It entirely depends on what you're trying to accomplish.Are you trying to lose weight, or are you trying to build muscle ? Both at the same time is going to be extremely difficult if you only go to the gym once