Are 3 to 5 exercises per workout, 5 times a week enough for hypertrophy?

It depends on a variety of factors. Hypertrophy isn't necessarily dependent on the amount of exercises per workout, rather the level of muscular contraction achieved. For example if you are getting an amazing pump from 3-5 exercises per workout, that's fine. However, personally I would get extremely bored with that level of variation. I reach maximum hypertrophy with high repetitions and lower weight, also try incorporating isotension- you hold a muscular contraction for 8-10 seconds at a weight you can't physically lift. ALWAYS MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A SPOTTER- there are videos online about this topic from more accredited sources than me so check those out. Isotension is hard to quantify because you aren't trying to lift the weight, rather you are trying to create a maximum amount of force and hold the muscular contraction. Also make sure to incorporate every body group throughout the week and don't forget the little muscles that are the glue for your body. Utilize rubber bands and bodyweight exercises as well- you don't need a gym. Make sure to stretch and focus on the contraction rather than the weight. HYDRATE!!!

Is Facebook a waste of time?

It depends. I use Facebook more for work than I use it for personal reasons. I use it to bring in clients for my law firm by managing various pages, using ads and so on. So, for me, Facebook is not a waste of time.I also use

What is the difference between 'muscle' and 'lean muscle'?

You use the word lean muscle when you referring to gaining muscle and not much fat. Muscle is muscle and by itself its always lean. Its kind of like when you go and buy a piece of steak. You can get the

Food from which Asian country is the healthiest?

This questions answer can vary hugely ,If we are talking about as a whole cuisine I would say that Asian cuisines such as vietnamese , thai would be the healthiest. The reason I say this is because of the huge amount of fresh