Are 30 day arm challenges effective at all?

There is no way you can tone specific body groups no matter how hard you try. It all comes down to genetics. So programs like these are targeted at specific group of audience and are just intended to make money and hardly helpful at all. You might not get the results you want expected at the end.

Arms are a minority muscle group and working out your arms won't burn much calories. The biggest muscle groups of the body are legs and then chest and back. Working out those body parts burns a lot more calories compared to working out your arms.

P.S. The image you have attached is not clearly legible to make out the exact program.
What kind of exercise is most beneficial to brain development?

A human brain has a connection with the entire body parts. Hence having a regular and proper physical exercise help the brain to be fresh and active so that the development of the brain will also improve. For aged people, these kinds of physical

If reincarnation was real, if someone reposted in this life, what would they be born as in their next life?

Humans are only reborn as humans. Sorry to disappoint. Our Katra, life force, soul, whatever you call it is only compatible with a single species.When a body dies the Katra seeks out a new host. Essentially we are symbiotic. The human feeds the soul information and the

What are the best resources for reading body/facial language?

Here's a short list of resources for reading body language and facial expressions to get you started:The Definitive Book of Body Language: Barbara Pease, Allan Pease. (Book)Body language for dummies by Elizabeth Kuhnke. (Book)What Every BODY