Are 30 min workouts effective?

What is the outcome you want out of 30 mins of workout.
Say you want to loose fat, so you want to do cardio. Do HIIT then. change between running, cycling and rowing.

What if you want to do toning ? Do exercises that utilizes compound movements eg Deadlift, Squats,  clean and press, snatches. Reduce your rest time between sets. Infact remove your rest time completely and hit opposite muscles. Say deadlifts with chest press or squats with chest press. you will cry after 30 mins.

Have a look at this 4 on 1 challenge. Dan just works out for 15 mins and he is basically as good as dead. try it, with same intensity. You still will have 15 mins spare.

Is 30 minutes of stationary bike riding a day good enough to lose weight plus eating 1400 calories a day?

It really depends on your personal stats - hard to say! Everyone's body is different, and responds differently.To lose fat, you need to be in a caloric deficit, burning more calories than you consume. If 1,400 calories a day puts you in a deficit, you're good to

What is some unknown facts about Austria?

Austria is indeed home to a town called 'Fucking'(48º 04'N 12º 51'E),a name derived from that of 'Focko,' a6th centuryBavarian nobleman. And as noted in a Telegraph article about residents' considering a change in spelling for the town's name, the locals do have quite a problem

Top of the class students, how much exercise do you get per day?

One ultimatum for your future success: Don't ever call yourself stupid.I was a top performer in high school and a successful University student who went through a difficult period of transition when learning no longer was something I could do passively.  Your assumption that exercise can be a "magic bullet" that