Are 6 pack abs overrated?

I used to have 6 pack abs till I was 24 years but those days it was not a craze like big muscular body. Even I was advised by well wishers to take ghee etc to make me look fuller. I was not a skinny guy those days. Used to weigh 77 kg with a 6 feet frame. It wasn't that I tried hard to get six packs. It happened naturally owing to my Martial Art training, College athletics and good metabolism. Then when I got employed, got married and moved on in life taking exercise in any form was not an option, food habit also changed and slowly I started to gain weight. I became 105 kg. Then thought of starting working out again. I am working out for last 2 months. Brought down my weight to 94. But, six packs is a far cry now. I am 43 now, metabolism has slowed down and cannot invest that much time and energy nowadays.

My recent photograph. I expect to get six packs on another 6 months

What is the biggest life lesson you have ever learned?

If you want to know what a man is really made of, see how he behaves when he is broke.Spending your entire life regretting is like denying there are any life lessons to be learned.To become wealthy, you must first find something you can do without regretting your mistakes.Happiness is the

What are your biggest challenges as an ESL/TEFL teacher?

Profit. And/or grades, depending.Most of the English schools I have taught at were private schools, and thus motivated primarily by profit. This means that my job, really, at the end of the day, was to make people happy and want to come back for more classes, not to teach people English.This