Are Audis good cars?

My most recent Audi was an A6 avant 2.8 quattro, and I remember being impressed at how comfortable it was for long distance, and very stable and undemanding at 160 kph (high-speed stability even better than the Jaguar XJ I replaced it with). The front seats were excellent, and the trunk huge. It was a bit noisier than I'd expected, and the steering feel wasn't quite up to certain RWD rivals, but still better than most non-European cars.

However, I've never had any other car that came close to spending as much time as the A6 in the garage getting fixed, and it spending more time with the mechanic than with me made me sell it in the end.

My parents have had numerous Audis, and while some have been decent (I would even describe the A4 my mother had as excellent, hardly anything went wrong with it for many, many years), others became money pits as they aged.

So, they have many good sides, but like other German premium cars, don't expect owning one to be cheap once it's out of warranty.

It's all personal preference, really.

For the first three years or so, most cars are pretty much equivalent. The warranty bar has been raised to 3years/36k miles, so you can pretty much count on nothing going wrong in that period - to knowingly build cars otherwise would be idiocy on the part of the manufacturers.

Audi has had a couple of really bad designs. They never really recovered in some people's eyes from the Audi 5000 "unintended acceleration" problem in the 80s, with good reason. It killed people. That's a bad thing.

Of late, the biggest gripe I hear is bad value for money relative to the comparable VW models. The trade-off is better styling, somewhat better interiors, and usually better performance.

My personal biggest complaint is the cooling system design, where plastic and metallic parts are epoxy bonded, and expected to last the life of the car. That's just lunacy. And if I recall correctly, there are some fill plugs made of plastic versus metal as well, effectively making them one-time use items, also a bad idea.

They are world class. They are outstanding.

I´ve had two so far. An A4 and an A3. They share parts with VW Golf, Jetta, New Beetle, and Seat Leon FR, among others.

Parts are not expensive at all. My Audi A3 is a 2003 Model. Im about to replace the clutch... it lasted 14 years. It has 190,000kms on it. That tells you a lot. No oil burning. I take it to open roads quite often in Mexico (weather and roads are harsh). On the highway I´ve pushed over 200kmph (its not controles... I "opened it", no restrictions. The car is fast, extremely reliable, comfortable, excellent in turns, can keep high speeds with no issues. Great mileage.

I´d buy a third Audi again with no conflicts.

Again, they are world class. They are outstanding.

Reason to consider buying a new audi car:

  • Audi's cars are not the most beautiful on the road, but they all have a conservative design that has a broader appeal than an approach that emphasises stand-out styling. This style-by-stealth approach is certainly working.
  • Audi has acquired a reputation for designing some of the best car interiors around. They're always well laid out, with intuitive controls, filled with the best materials and ergonomically comfortable. With the amount of time we spend in our cars often stuck in traffic this makes Audis hugely attractive to buyers.
  • Audi is always at the cutting edge of in-car technology, with its MMI infotainment system among the best available.
  • Audi has one of the biggest and most varied model line-ups of any car brand, with almost everything from a supermini to a supercar.

In my experience no. I bought a CPO 2010 Audi S4 that was only a few months old and couple thousand miles on it. I later found out that the entire side of the car was wrecked, fixed, and then sold as a CPO. 3 months after owning the car the clutch went out. I babied that clutch and it should have lasted a very long time. the MMI controller went out, dash piece cracked, seatbelt ding is going out, the beep when locking the car doesn't always work... Thermostat had to be replaced 7 days after the warranty expired. $1200.00USD for a thermostat! Something is wrong with the current clutch and it took 5 visits before they would acknowledge it, then they wouldn't take it apart to diagnose it under warranty because it was a wearable, even though the wearable part of the clutch wasn't the problem. I've taken it in for service and gotten it back smelling like motor oil, with smudges on my leather seats.... Terrible car, terrible customer service, terrible experience. I can only hope to share my story and let other learn from my costly mistake.

I have an audi with 140k on the dash. I bought it used and had it about a year and a half. It seems like something is always wrong with it. I am constantly nervous while driving that something is going to mess up. I have had to replace the battery, 2 engine coils (two separate times), brakes, tires, and one of the wheels (of all things). I don't think I will ever get an Audi again. There are wiring issues out the wazoo. Honestly I would stick with the Civic, that is what I am looking at next, or a Scion tC.
 So far in the year and a half I have had the car, I have spent:
 800 on tires
 125 on brakes
 360 on engine coils
 like 150 on the battery?
 200 on the wheel
 I haven't fixed any of the wiring issues yet, not really planning on it. It's just loose wires. Free owners manuals for your car!

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