Are British Born Chinese considered more conservative than Caucasian Brits when it comes to dating?

British-born Chinese people are, on average, more conservative than Caucasian Britons when it comes to dating for the simple reason that Chinese culture is more conservative than modern mainstream British culture.

The parents of British-born Chinese people generally have high aspirations for their offspring. These aspirations help engender certain values in their offspring, for example discipline and hard work. This is as a result of the struggle immigrants often face coming to a new country; they want to see their British-born kids become successful and see these values as the foundation for that.

However, these values also often mean that British-born Chinese people are more likely to be conservative in the dating scene. By this, I mean that they are more likely to tread the dating scene with caution, and are prepared to wait until they find someone who is truly special and marriage material. The average Caucasian Briton is not like this, dare I say. British Caucasians tend to be more laid back and are more open to less serious romantic and sexual relationships. That is just their culture.

On the other hand, there are also British-born Chinese people who have eschewed their blood heritage and date as liberally as the most laid back British Caucasians.
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