Are Canadian girls generally beautiful?

Compared to the superficial of the Americans, no we wouldnt be considered beautifull at all. We generally wear less *Fake up if at all & not obessed with celeb culture as much as them. It's not contantly talked about in the news & we hardly care about what the Kardashians are doing...

Unless youre maybe the average teen these days or something & infected with the garbage of reality tv from the states , on average we are pretty ‘average* looking, we have a pale complexion, i havnt seen many use fake tanner. I've never seen even one young person with fake eyelashes nore implants actually in real life & im glad i don't see that lol. Born and raised here for 33 yrs.

Its a trend now too that everyone is starting to get fit and whatnot and that just makes someone always look GLOWING and gorgious in my eyes. Lots of people both boys and girls have grown up doing , or being around sports, hockey comes to mind..

What is the body shape of Arab women like?

Short answer: Arab women have different body shapes, depending on their personal diets and lifestyles, and it varies due to the economical and cultural state each Arab woman happens to be in._________________________________________________________________________________Long answer:Without diving too deep into the reason behind asking this question, I'll just state some observational information about this. My answer won't focus on women's

What makes Indian men happy?

WHY MEN ARE NEVER DEPRESSED:Men Are Just Happier People-- What do you expect from such simple creatures? Your last name stays put . The garage is all yours . Wedding plans take care of themselves . Chocolate is just another snack . You can be President . You can never be pregnant . You can wear a white

What are good 4 hours a week workout to build muscles?

Any linear progression program like you are doing will be successful.It seems like you just need to lift heavier.  You could increase reps to 5x5, or just fit in one more workout a week.It seems like greyskull is meant to be a base