Are Deadlifts and Squats as good with resistance bands as they are with weights?

Just a few thoughts. Barbells are ideal, but if you are limited on equipment, I would suggest dumbbells rather than bands. Bands will pull your body in a different way and will probably be pretty awkward to use for both. Dumbbells however, offer a few options. For squats, you could hold the dumbbells at shoulder level, you can hold them to your sides (more of a hack squat for comparison) or you can do something called a Goblet Squat where you hold one to your chest (just YouTube it).

For deadlifts, you have a few options. You can start with them more in front of your shins to get a closer movement to a barbell deadlift, or you can start with them more to the side which will be closer to something like a trap bar deadlift. Again, YouTube will be your friend. Another option for deadlifts is a variation called a Romanian deadlift (RDL). With this, you keep your legs much more straight (not stiff legged, just a slight bend). This variation focuses on the hamstrings and is excellent. You can also do a single legged RDL variation with dumbbells as well which is great when you have progressed in weight where your dumbbells no longer cut it for a standard RDL.

How to stop thinking that people may hate me

Don't make your thoughts so precious.There's a wides spectrum in current thinking about thoughts. It ranges from classical Freudianism - your thoughts are important products of your past, you should dig into your thoughts and resolve past issues that condition your current thinking.To cognitive behavioralism - you should challenge

How to motivate myself to learn on my own

Look, I'm 18, but I've been in exactly the same position as you.I know what it feels like to have started something off, had this massive buzz or rush of being able to do it, and then eventually as time progresses, and the changes aren't as obvious, you seem to tail off and lose the will to do it.

How to avoid getting ripped off when renting real estate in China

You need a trusted Chinese local to rent for you. When I moved to Shanghai for several months, the girl I was dating, and my reason for moving there negotiated the apartment for us. Even though she mostly went home to her parents place at night, it was much cheaper for her to rent it for