Are Democrats less partisan than Republicans?

In the past, the answer would be a sounding yes. However, since the Democrats lost to the weakest major party candidate, perhaps in the history of the USA, they are adopting the more, in your face, partisan style of Conservative Republicans. It will be interesting to see if the Democrats hold onto that attitude.

So far, media is supporting the Democrats new style. Voters are consuming more news about President Bozo; which in turn means more income for media, which in turn means higher stock prices, which in turn means more money for investors, which in turn means President Trump is doing a good job.

The only real loser is the hoi polloi. As illogical party lines become entrenched it becomes harder for the country to govern.

As to the second part of your question. Political parties look for candidates that are electable. Partisan voters tend to vote for whatever idiot is in their party. The candidates ability to pull fringe voters is what makes elections.


I would say the answer is yes.

Here is a pretty strong piece of evidence: Polls were taken about US intervention in Syria after the recent use of nerve gas against civilians and also after the earlier nerve gas attack in 2013. It's a useful test because circumstances in 2013 and were quite similar. The biggest change was in the presidency going from Obama to Trump.

The polls showed that Democrats were consistent, with 38% favoring intervention in one poll and 37% in the other - a trivial change that can easily be explained as statistical noise. But the change in Republicans was huge: only 22% supported intervention under Obama, but a whopping 86% supported strikes just after Trump carried them out.

Polling in Wisconsin showed similar results. Between Oct 2016 and Mar 2017, the economy didn't really change in any significant way. But politics did. When asked whether the economy had gotten better or worse over the past year, Democrats got somewhat more pessimistic, from about +24 to +12, with a majority of 62% in March answering ‘stayed the same', the answer consistent with most of the evidence. Republicans went from -28 to +54, an astounding 82% change, with only 33% answering ‘stayed the same'.

You can find more instances of polling where Republicans, and only Republicans, changed their views of economic performance drastically, without substantial actual economic changes, here.

It's a complicated question.

I would say Democrats - or at least Democratic-leaners - are at least somewhat less partisan than Republicans, although this may be decreasing. I know a number of people who reliably vote Democratic now who have voted for third party candidates (Perot or Nader) in the past. It seems to have been an advantage for Republicans, who have sometimes taken advantage of Democrats' relative open-mindedness to win elections.

Speaking as a long-term Democrat, I have always at least tried to give the Republican and sometimes third party candidates a look. But I've ended up voting Democratic in almost every case because the Republicans are now so uniform in supporting policies that I oppose and because voting for a third party candidate has always been the equivalent of not voting . Democrats, though slightly less uniform, generally support those that I favor. It's never been that I've supported Democrats because of the "D" after their name, but because I like their positions much better than those of the Republicans.

Having said that, in recent years, looking at the candidate's positions has become almost a waste of time. Republicans are always against improving health care, always in favor of cutting needed services for the poor to give more money to rich people who need it the least, always against abortion rights etc. They also seem to feel obligated to say things that I know are false.

If the Democrats did not nominate someone like Kanye West, that would definitely give me pause. But I would look at his policy positions and qualifications, look at those of the Republican and those of any third party candidates, as well as the chance of winning of the third party candidate, and make my decisions accordingly.

Based on this last election, in which Republicans overwhelmingly supported an unqualified individual whose policies were very different from what Republicans usually support, it seems like they would support anyone with an "R" after his name.

In both parties there are the tried and true..... those who would vote for the party's candidate no matter what.  In both parties there are those who don't look at issues, records etc. but vote (if they vote) for the ‘party line'.  And in both parties there ARE those who look closely at issues, concerns and records and vote accordingly, although I think the hard-liners outnumber the others.  Personally, while I have most often voted Democrat, I am and Independent.  I DO think from what I have observed is while I can't say for certain that one party or the other is more partisan, Democrats from what I have seen are more inclusive, and more tolerant.  They appear to be more people based, while Republicans appear to be more money based.  JMO

It is a fact that Democrats voted for Barack Obama in 2008. There has never been a less qualified candidate from a major party in any Quoran's lifetime. Don't take my word for it - read his books. When the biggest job you have ever had is running your campaign for office, that's a pretty thin resume.

I don't know if Republicans would support a similarly unqualified candidate so I cannot pass judgment on one group being more partisan than the other. But there is a pretty compelling data point speaking to the partisanship of Dems.

They seem to be, but what interests me more is the apparent shift of attitude by Republicans from moderate and wanting the best for the country to an almost fascist "poor people be damned" and "anyone different than me is not a patriot." Worst of all is their desire to stay in power even if their acts are bad for the country.

My dad was a decorated vet from WWII but he wasn't a jingoist as so many vets seem to be today. He would have been appalled at Trump's character and behavior if he were still alive.

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