Are God and aliens the same thing?

Perhaps in the concept of "gods" that prevailed among Pagan religious believers. However, the monotheistic faiths (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) view God as a transcendental Being... self-existent and eternal. As God says to Jeremiah in the Old Testament, "What kind of house will you build for Me? Do I not fill heaven and earth?" (Isaiah 66:1). Therefore, though powerful alien beings might well fancy themselves to be "gods" (like, say, the G'oauld in the Stargate franchise), they simply don't measure up to the biblical God. Mortal, flesh-and-blood beings are not "eternal, unchanging, immortal and everlasting". They needn't even submit their resumes.

Don't be ridiculous;

extra-terrestrial life is a distinct possibility...

Simple Answer

Life forms over time grows (for most life otherwise if you are punished, you are gone.)

Over the last 10 Billion forms that started then are now at the Time level.

You can call them whatever you want...they are gods, angels etc.

One other part...we have God units from last Universe that are Trillions of years old. And they are the high level God System . Out God is one of them.

That is it folks.

I see that Quora took it upon themselves to censor and deleted my answer to a previous question concerning angels and aliens. It is only apropos that I consider both questions jointly and give them both due consideration.

There are distinct differences between Gods, Angels, and Aliens.

When it comes to god, there are too many one-and-only gods to equate here. There is only one relevant god spirit, and that is the one that resides within everyone.

Here are the differences between angels and aliens

Angels do exist if ones consider their personal-guardians as angels. All soul-beings inhabiting a mortal structure have one or more of them during their entire lifespan.

Aliens are also real and exist. The truth is if it were not for the alien members of the Universal Brotherhood Fleet from the Pleiades, life would not exist on Earth.

The next two links will prove everything I stated above.

Link to personal-guardians:
Personal Guardians

Link to extraterrestrial aliens.

Yes. Some of their names were Pelegon, Arus, Semjasa, Jehova, and Kamagol. The word for God was ‘ischwisch' which means ‘king of wisdom'. Gods were mortal human E.T.s. But the Creation is the genderless, omnipotent, spiritual power of the universe.


Most alien societies have proven the existence of God and it forms the foundation of their science.  This is nearly the complete opposite of Earth scientists who mostly spend their time mocking the very concept.  This is why Alien societies possess advanced technologies and we don't.  It also explains why there are near constant wars, poverty, and suffering on Earth that doesn't happen in alien societies.

According to the mythology of every religion Gods are not from Earth, they are from heaven which  doesn't exist on planet earth so they are considered as extraterrestrial or celestial entities . According to modern science aliens are also called as extraterrestrials as they are not earthly entities.


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