Are Hawkeye and Black Widow the most useless Avengers in the Avengers movies? They just feel so out of place fighting world-ending threats.

They certainly ought to be out of place fighting world-ending threats, but somehow they aren't. They are not as effective as the most OP Avengers like Hulk and Thor, but they definitely do their part.

Just look at their separate feats:


FCA car owners! Are jeep/Fiat cars junk?

Quality reviews are testing, and some are not remotely shut in reflecting what the items really are. Truth be told, there were 2 totally opposing studies the previous summer where one said FCA items were on the lower end of the quality scale (the undeniably ridiculous JD Power) and another that said FCA

Which is your favorite scene from DC or Marvel movies?

It is almost impossible to choose one of them as both the studios have produced quality movies in the past decade. However, if i were pick some from the top off my head, This would be my list:The Puny God (Avengers)I don't think this scene over here needs any introduction. It was

What would a remake of Blazing Saddles be like, and could it be funny?

A remake of a beloved comedy? Are you serious?!?I'm looking back at the number of beloved comedy remakes (not including remakes of foreign film comedies like