Are Hindu pushups or dands beneficial? Will it lead to lower back injury?

Hindu pushups are an excellent exercise that improves both flexibility and strengthens the dorsal and ventral ‘chains'- the interconnected muscles, ligaments and joints that allow you to go about your daily business with some measure of grace and dignity. Provided you do not have any pre-existing spinal problems, you can attempt this exercise without fear. Just practice common sense, attempt lower number of reps and sets initially and don't increase training volume by 10% in any consecutive week.

Why does an arranged marriage even work? Isn't it like a business deal where either a payment (dowry) is involved, or heavy word-of-mouth publicity (rallying round of family and friends)?

Hi Aditya Bhargava . Thanks for the A2A.Let me tell you a story.A young man in his early twenties joined a huge company and got his first posting in a small town. On the day of his joining, he met his boss who seemed like a jolly middle-aged man. He showed him around and gave him

Is there any way a Hindu can do second marriage without divorcing his first wife?

No. As per Hindu Personal laws a second marriage without ending the first marriage would be null and void.If a Hindu Man or Woman wishes to remarry while their existing spouse is alive the only way to go about doing the same is to get a valid divorce.It is preferable in

Is happiness part of an ambition?

Ambition = success = happiness?    Not quite.Ambition May Bring Success, but Not Happiness.Here comes the PROBLEM:People who are ambitious tend to attend the best universities and go on to have prestigious careers with high salaries. It's not a bad quality, though.